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Since I've decided to stay up and make a feeble attempt at getting back on some kind of a regular schedule, I thought I should probably post something to the journals for the benefit of anyone still reading this...

I've been feeling really disconnected lately, which may stem from the fact that I seem to have fallen into the habit of dealing with people mostly through the internet. I see my friends maybe once a week or so, and lately that's been pared down to working out at RS & Kimbie's place, which doesn't exactly feed my need for conversation a whole lot. It's better than nothing, I guess. Still, I don't have the opportunity to see most of my friends more often than quarterly, and that bothers me.
In addition, I have whole platoons of friends and acquaintances I see only through the internet, which again doesn't scratch that conversational itch. The Minnesota fans, that sort of makes sense, but I do have a handful that make the effort to chat me up on Facebook, God bless them. That's what, 2-3 people out of the fifty or so I know from up there?
Locally, it's almost as weird. I've reconnected with a couple dozen people from the Class of 1977 at my old high school, and a few from the '75, '76, '78 and '79 classes as well...but with one or two significant exceptions, I don't KNOW these people. They've been living their lives, having kids, marrying & divorcing, and it's all been here while I've been somewhere else doing my thing, which means I have no real clue who most of these people are or what they're like. To the extent that I'm interacting with them, it's mostly through posts on Facebook. That's pretty superficial - not in the pejorative sense really, but let's face it, commenting on FB posts doesn't really pass for conversation, and I wind up not knowing any of these people better than I did when we first contacted each other through FB.
Inevitably, the people I want to see most are really insanely busy, and they have families of their own which I don't want to impose on. Or they're out of town, as in different time zones completely. Yeah, that includes family for the most part.

Sometimes it seems like I'll have to organize a convention, or at least go to one, to see the people I want to see. Minneapolis in 2012, maybe.


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