Jan. 21st, 2011

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Haven't really been thinking much about baseball, what with everything else going on...today in the tax mines was moderately busy, to the point where I almost had trouble finding a quiet half-hour to take my mandatory break. The new office manager told me this morning that I couldn't just work straight through my shift; I was going to have to take a half-hour break sometime in there. That's okay, I guess; I'll just work an extra half-hour to make up for it at the end of the shift. So there. ;P
Also on the work front, I finally got my H&R Block business cards in, so now I feel like a real tax pro and not just a little wooden one. Probably still going to be driving the front desk tomorrow since there's no CSP on duty, but I do have two appointments booked which I'm going to go solo on, since my mentor only works during the week. I think I'll do okay, and so do the old heads in the office.

Time to bag up the chicken thighs and chorizo I baked for dinner tonight; it turned out okay, maybe not as good as the crockpot version, but you can't have everything. Johnsonville did a good job on the chorizos, that's for sure. After that, I'm going to read some more of James Schmitz' stories from The Hub: Dangerous Territory, which I snagged for the Kindle from the Baen Free Library, and nod out early. 0900 comes early in the morning, and I want a large breakfast of eggs & meat before tomorrow's shift.


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