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So...how'd it go? Has Gifford run screaming from the building yet on realizing the awful implications of becoming Sole Rightful Autocrat of AD? Are Kale and Lauren retreating to a distant desert island where nobody has ever heard of the Master Race, much less anime? And what's this I hear about Battletech Simulator Pods? Inquiring minds want to know!
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Decided to call the Arlington district office instead of trying to find the place, and got an answer about the amount of class I've missed that took some weight off my mind. I need 72 to satisfy the attendance requirements, and between illness & the VA I'm only down to 76, so I'm okay there. All I have to do now is pass the final, which I'm pretty sure I can handle.

Spent the rest of the day digging out my e-mail inboxes, studying, printing coupons, studying, cleaning out the apartment, studying, and working my way down from the horrible 136 BG I woke up with. I still don't understand where that came from, but by the time dinner rolled around I was back down to double digits and stayed there afterward, so that's good. Have to remember that I can't just stuff myself full of food, even if it's all fats & proteins. Ketosis is great, but it doesn't just make mass vanish.

Downloaded emacs tonight, going to port it to Cowzilla before heading over to [livejournal.com profile] smitty1e's to work on the blog. Between that and a visit to Mark Taylor's to burn meat and hang out, that's pretty much going to take care of Saturday.

Pretty much decided that I'm going to be a no-show for Detour again in 2011. Considering that I am managing to get by only because of substantial help from friends, it would be rude and boorish to sky off to Minnesota and blow about a grand (between airfare and hotels) when I could and should be spending the money on more important things closer to home - like, say, rent and utilities. I know that's going to be a disappointment to my friends in Minnesota, but the situation is what it is. By 2012, things should be different, and I should be making decent $$$ again so I can afford to pull my own weight and spend excess money on going to conventions again. For now, though, conventions are entertainment for the bourgeoisie, and I don't even qualify for the proletariat at the moment. So it goes.
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This is a very personal post about very personal things. If you can find a lesson in my example to benefit you, then so much the better.
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The Bleat.:
Which leads to the question of how you – I mean, you – define your passage through time. I’m not sure I can answer the question; it’s a combination of personal plots, locations, and cultural markers. As I’ve said before, I feel bad for kids now who grow up in an era when all culture is potentially current culture, when it’s all the permanent now, with no demarcations between styles and eras. You have to be able to read the past to know what led to the next thing, and why we’re where we are. This is the vaguest paragraph I have ever written.

This is actually very profound, at least to me. I am, perhaps, overly concerned with the past. I certainly spend enough time thinking and writing about it, perhaps out of fear that sometime in the future I won't actually be able to remember it, and I'll have to rely on these written accounts of what happened when, how I felt about it, and what the ambient music was.

I'm also concerned with the past because I feel - no, fuck that, I KNOW - that people in general don't pay a lot of attention to the past and tend to forget what happened 10, 20, 30+ years ago. It all dissolves into a white-noise blue screen for people, and they don't remember even the things which are important to them personally and the subculture they belong to. That's why I keep banging on about the HRMP War, its causes and its effects - because people don't/won't remember why the subculture they live in is the way it is, and why it's prone to dumb shit like that. Somebody has to remember this stuff and remind the forgetful.

AD 2010

Apr. 26th, 2010 02:44 pm
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So how'd it go? The general impression I get from various FB posts is that it was a little crazy at times, not always in a good way, but that sounds about par for the course. I'm fishing for comments here, obviously.
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10+ hours spent dealing with people on the phone and in my face. It wears on a man, but it brings my weekly hours up to a nice figure. Came home, did a bunch of paperwork online for student loans, printed out a bunch of stuff for the food stamp appointment in the morning, and ate dinner.

Aside from stuff like that which I can't imagine too many people are interested in, there ain't a lot going on. My leg is continuing to heal at a rate surprising to my visiting nurse and the folks at the vascular clinic, and I'll probably be able to take off the vacuum dressing for good on Thursday. This is at least partially due to the tight control I've had on my blood sugar since the intervention last month; [livejournal.com profile] digex has been on my case to get with the zero/ultra-low carb diet program he's doing, and I am moving toward that with all deliberate speed. Lifestyle changes are not done in a day, and I have four cycles with Weight Watchers under my belt to prove that crashing into a program fails pretty quickly. I am gradually cutting back on the starches, moderating the fruit intake, and it's working. The trick will be to keep the numbers down as I ease off the NPH insulin, and I am sure my doctor will have helpful things to say about that when I see her Thursday.

Had a moderately long talk with [livejournal.com profile] tatsmaru last night. Sounds like a lot of drama and interesting things are happening at AD this year, and it almost makes me glad I won't be there (for a number of reasons) but to be completely honest, if I won the lottery Friday, on Saturday morning I'd be booking a Southwest flight out there. Or maybe not. Ask me again tomorrow and I might answer differently.

For now I'm calling it a night. I have an appointment to talk about food stamps in the morning.
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I suppose I could have titled this "agonizing reappraisal" as well, since that describes an earlier step in the decision process, not that it matters. What does matter is that I'm going to have to give Anime Detour a miss this year. It'll be the first time since it started in 2004 that I haven't been there, so it does bother me some, but the brutal facts of the matter are that unless I get a full-time permanent position between now and the end of tax season, I flat out can't afford it. Frankly, in this craptastic economy (which I predicted in this post) the chances of that happening are slim and none. Sure, I'll be getting money back on my taxes, but I need that for things like rent, and catching up on all the bills which are 30-60 days past due.
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So, yeah. I have a very very short list of people I'm checking with to see if they can use my room at the Sheraton. Please do not ask me if you are on that list. I also need to drop a note to Registration and ask them to roll me over to 2011, in the faint hope that things will be better then.

I guess that's about all there is to say about that. Going to go lay down and listen to country music until this feeling goes away, I think.
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I already know my hotel room at Detour is going to set me back ~$600, since I'm coming on Thursday and not leaving until Monday. Airfares are the big question (assuming of course that P and I don't get a wild hair up our ass and decide to drive 40 hours straight through to the Sheraton, hahahaha) and right now it looks like that's going to run about $300 on AirTran or Southwest, the big difference between the two being whether I want to leave from Reagan National and change planes in Milwaukee or leave from Dulles and change planes at Midway.

Of course, without a job, this is all just theorizing anyway, since I'm not going to be dumb enough to head off to Minnesota without having a full-time permanent position, or at least a long-term temporary one. I could do a lot of things with $900...I mean, that's almost a month's rent, and it would be nice to have that in the bank for BalticonOtakonhookers & blow emergencies.
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This business with the hotel rooms at Detour this year is fucked up. This will be the first time (that I'm aware of, anyway) staff hasn't had a block of rooms set aside for those who couldn't cover a room on their own and didn't mind sharing with others on staff, or just wanted someplace quiet to sleep when they were off duty. Guests were also in the staff wing, so they could get 2-3 hours of quiet sleep between raves and panels. (Only half kidding there.) I understand that it's not always possible to get a discount rate for staff, but blocking out a set of rooms for staff and guests should be one of the things the hotel department does as a matter of course. One of those minor perks that makes it worth being on staff.

In other news, stuck the "Christmas" ham in the oven for an hour to warm it up. SO GOOD. I had to put it away before I went face-first into it, it was that good. Yum. :)

Surgery followup appointment tomorrow at the VA downtown. Booya.
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I was originally going to distribute this to the ATC Board as an envoi of sorts when I left in 2007, but I let myself get talked out of it. Enough time has passed since then that I doubt anyone will be offended by what I had to say, and if so, too damn bad. Attentive readers will note that there are close similarities in a number of places to the "Anime Detour Philosophy" post, previous. This is not accidental.
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Obviously changes have occurred since I left. It's y'alls' convention now, and I really have nothing to say about how it's run these days. I'm also not inclined to sit back and snipe from 1100 miles away based on hearsay and rumor; in fact, I may not even be there this coming year if the job situation doesn't improve. Enjoy, or not, an it please ye.
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Hooked up the old 80MB IDE drive yesterday but didn't have a chance to rummage through it. This has been corrected, and there was a lot of old Anime Detour stuff on it which some of you may or may not find interesting. It's behind the cut to spare the f-list, especially those parts that don't care about Detour.
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] rinnytintinny on Facebook.
It made me think for a minute about how much time I've spent at conventions and/or working on them.
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I don't tag people, but I am curious about my friends' experiences, especially oldermore experienced fans like [livejournal.com profile] badger2305, [livejournal.com profile] materia_indigo, [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin, [livejournal.com profile] qob...you know who you are, people.
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My ask/tell post about Anime Detour on the Something Awful forums.
So far I'm disappointed in the weak efforts of the trolls.
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Related: Definitely going to the PRSFS meeting tonight to talk about SF. What a concept! A SF fan club that actually talks about SF! MADNESS!

Sort of related: Since my sponsor into Goonfleet had the bad grace to not only quit but get himself banned from the forums, I am casting about for a new sponsor and thinking glumly that I just might have to fork over my $10 to Lowtax and start posting at somethingawful.com. [livejournal.com profile] thaadd thinks I ought to do an ask/tell thread about Anime Detour. It could happen. UPDATE: It did happen.

Definitely related: Previous post about the League of Wonder provoked a lot of comments (props to [livejournal.com profile] burnunit for dropping by and responding) and if it does nothing more than put the LoW on notice that there's a lot of fans suspicious of the concept, then good. I don't know how much time I want to spend on the subject, since as I explained, whatever they do will have minimal impact on me since it's all going to happen in the Ninth Circle of HellMinnesota and not down here. Still, as one of the founders of Detour I feel some responsibility to keep an eye on "my" convention and occasionally stick my oar in, especially when major stuff like this heaves into view.
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[livejournal.com profile] michaellee has been pimping this website aggressively of late, and I have some gut reactions. I'm posting them here because, well, I'm not really part of Twin Cities fandom any more. My future in fandom, such as it is, will be defined by whatever I do here in the Baltimore/Washington are. So I don't think it's my place to shit up League of Wonders with my comments.
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Wound up doing my good deed for the decade by hauling a pizza out to P's place for various reasons she can explain if she wants to, but it was worth it to get caught up on all the Detour gossip/drama** as well as getting her take on this year's Convergence (now with 400% more SEX, LOL) which included pole dancing, go-go dancers at the Oddcon party, and a kissing booth for some worthy cause that featured increasingly scantily-clad young ladies as the weekend progressed. Judging from the photographs posted so far by [livejournal.com profile] verrant, among others, Allen Carpentier's criticism of femmefans* no longer applies, at least not at Convergence where, apparently, attracting da yoots of Minnesota is not a problem. :)

Nothing much of any consequence accomplished today otherwise; hope to change that tomorrow.

*"Half-pretty women half-dressed to show it." Inferno, chapter 1 IIRC
**Relax, [livejournal.com profile] stuckintraffik, it's all good. ;)
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Yeah, you can't get away from annoying people who want to strike a political pose, even at the orchestra. (Instapundit)

Of course, one of the ways people can be an asshole in response to this kind of nonsense is to hit organizations like this where they live: not just in the wallet, but in the tax exemption. This is something I always worried about with in respect to Detour. I didn't want even the appearance that we were partisan one way or the other because of this, and I don't know that I was always clear to people about why. Putin jokes OK, maybe even jokes about the LDP (which would actually have been within our ambit) but for Kami-sama's sake, no campaign wear. It only takes one person to start a mountain of problems.
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Crossposted from Facebook, where I ganked it from [livejournal.com profile] bam2: Someone needs your help.

To refresh your memories, Bob & Emily were guests of ours at the 2006 Detour and are really great people besides. I don't often post stuff like this, but damn it, we take care of our own. I'm unemployed, but I'm kicking in some cash because I know what it's like to lose family.

The Ohayocon link Greg referred to is here.
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I think it's a cliche that people join fandom looking for community. Traditionally, this has certainly been the case, and to some extent continues to be the case for some people, but now that SF and fantasy have become part of the mainstream I don't think it's quite as common as it used to be. The result of this is that fandom is less of a ghetto than it used to be, and some of the social aspects have weakened as a result.
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The AD 2009 Post-Mortem and ATC Annual Meeting were last weekend, and while I don't care so much what happened at the post-mortem, I'm curious about the annual meeting & elections. Who's in charge these days? Where's all the money going? Why isn't there an animetwincities.org website up yet? Somebody ought to be posting an annual report of sorts, even if it's only on their LJ.


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