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[livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar, who recently wrapped up the most excellent "Spots The Space Marine" web serial here on LJ, recently made a trip to Readercon and posted about it here.

I'm glad she did well there, but I completely sympathize with her decision not to go back for a while - if ever. The knee-jerk political and anti-religious attitudes on display there aren't unique to Readercon by any stretch of the imagination, and to say it sticks in my craw is a massive understatement. The inability of these people to see that they're engaged in a massive case of projection is truly astounding, and says volumes about how compassionate and sensitive they really are. As I put it some years ago at one of the last Convergence cons I went to before moving down here, "Look, I'm not here to discuss politics. I'm here to discuss SF & fantasy. You want to talk to me about politics, do it somewhere else because I'm not going to do it here." Still, the ugly fact is that most SF fans seem to assume that you, too, are politically liberal and atheist, and that political conservatives/religious people are suitable figures for derision. Which we don't appreciate, surprisingly enough.

Related: I don't pimp Liberty SF nearly enough and should probably put it in my blogroll here at the LJ.
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Now, to be sure, there are plenty of Americans who are firmly convinced that we would all be better off if we grew our own food, bought only locally, kept firms small, eschewed modern conveniences like home appliances, went back to using only natural products, expropriated wealthy savers, harassed the capitalistic class until it felt itself unwelcome and vanished. This paradise has a name, and it is Haiti.

-from Jeffrey Tucker's "When Capital Is Nowhere In View" RTWT.

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Had a moderately frustrating (and thankfully brief) discussion with a friend this weekend about the whole debt limit thing. He didn't get the hardline insistence by the Democrats on not cutting spending, and really didn't get the GOP's stubborn refusal to even consider raising taxes. At all. He seemed convinced that at some point Boehner was going to cut a deal, and was troubled by my insistence that if that happened, his head would be on a spike in less than a day.
Cut because some of you are sick to death of politics )
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Cobb expanded somewhat on his Peasant Theory yesterday, but I think that while that theory explains a lot of stuff, it has the same problem as a lot of other analysis based on pure economics. There's something missing. In fact, there's a LOT missing, and surprisingly, that something which the Peasant Theory fails to take into account is faith.

Faith doesn't have to be religious, and I would go so far as to say that for a lot of people on the political left, it is in fact anti-religious, since the New Left (like their Progressive and Fascist forebears) sees religion as an annoying impediment to the all-powerful State they are working to create. The New Left believes in the ideology that gives their movement power, or just in the power itself; this is the fundamental difference between the various factions of the New Left. Some factions want power for its own sake, since power will bring you the trappings of wealth -a comfortable life and the ability to act with a fair degree of impunity- while other factions want power so that they can force the peasantry to do tings that achieve their desired ends, no matter how objectively insane, evil or just stupid those ends might be.

On the right, though, the ideology is different. There is an innate respect for the rules of society, grounded in the Constitution, and for many on the right, that respect for the rules is rooted in religious faith, whose social rules complement and reinforce the public law. The right is wary of power and its temptations, and treats it very much like a radioactive substance that will inflict sickness, weakness and (possibly) insanity on prolonged exposure. Thus the recurring call for term limits, which comes from this belief that power ultimately corrupts even the best men. Modern American conservatism is at a place between the old social conservatism that wished to gain power and enforce their social vision on the nation and the new populist libertarianism that wants the overly powerful federal government brought to heel and cut down to size. This is a war, and they are soldiers in it; they are not peasants, but bourgeoisie who see their nation being reshaped by apparatchiks into something they don't recognize, and they don't like it.

This is why I think outsiders like Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Sarah Palin have a shot this time around*. Americans are tired of professional politicians, since they see "professionals", the so-called "Best and the Brightest" as being the problem, not the solution. We have spent this Administration being governed by the Harvard elites, and now we want the Boston phone book so we can take the first thousand names and hope they do a better job**, because they can't possibly do worse than this. The peasants are going to stay home in 2012, because politics is boring, and Obama The God-King was a disappointing failure, and as a result, the bourgeoise are going to hold a peaceful counterrevolution instead.

*I admit to supporting Bachmann and Palin partially because I enjoy trolling my liberal friends.
**To paraphrase the late WFB Jr.
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Kevin D. Williamson provides a useful look back at the largely-forgotten John Kenneth Galbraith and the not nearly obscure enough Lord Keynes in Judge, Jury, and Economist. If nothing else, it's a good reminder that a lot of what socialists proclaim to be "science" is in fact based on nothing of the kind.
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I thought I'd posted about this before, but I must just have linked it at The Other McCain.

Canada just had another election, forced on it by the Bloc Quebecois, Liberals and NDP, and to nobody's surprise (save for the chattering classes of Canada, who were all Pauline Kael about it), PM Stephen Harper's Conservatives utterly crushed both the Liberals and BQ to win a solid majority for the next four years. And by "utterly crushed", I mean kicked their asses. The BQ was reduced to four seats in the House of Commons, and the Liberals have gone from the "Natural Governing Party" to holding a mere 33 seats, which makes them the third party, far behind the radical-left New Democratic Party.

Obviously I find this encouraging. While Harper would be considered a RINO down here, up north he's considered somewhat of a slavering reactionary by the press. Well, most of them, anyway; as you can see in the video below, Rex Murphy sees PMSH for what he actually is*, the heir to Preston Manning's Reform Party, and that's no bad thing. This is what makes me hope Tim Pawlenty does well in the primaries and caucuses; he's a quiet, competent fellow who isn't afraid to admit he made a mistake, and I think we need that more than a firebrand.


Post title taken from the chapter in P.J. O'Rourke's All The Trouble In The World dealing with the Nicaraguan elections of 1990, which ends with O'Rourke passing Bianca Jagger in a hotel lobby, where Jagger is sobbing brokenly over he defeat of the FSLN at the polls.
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Ill-tempered political rant follows )
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High fives to SEAL Team Six, the special ops chopper jockeys that got them in there, and all the shadow warriors in the various intel agencies that made the whole op possible. Good job. Congratulations to the President for giving the go word and for being man enough to acknowledge that W's policy and procedures were what led up to this epic moment of revenge.

The notion that this is going to be enough to offset $4 gas, rising food prices, and continued high unemployment, on the other hand, and guarantee his re-election is something so stupid that only Joy Behar and the other morons on The View could believe it.
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...I am wearing the obligatory blue shirt.
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SO MAYBE IT’S GLOBAL FREEZING AFTER ALL? It keeps looking more and more like Fallen Angels. Or maybe a John Ringo novel. I don’t want to live in either. . . .

Me neither, Professor Death. Both of those futures sucked really hard. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to decide which would be worse to live in, as I suspect I'd be dead fairly quick in both of them unless I could persuade somebody to let me back into the Guard right now.
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Can America Pull Out of Its Nose-Dive? - January 30, 2011 - The New York Sun:
The United States is a rich country whose people are patriotic and hard-working. It is disoriented and very corrupt, and all its elites have failed. And yet it has no real rivals. Europe is crumbling, even more idle and debt-ridden than the United States, and withering demographically, almost comatose after generations of paying Danegeld to the urban mobs and small farmers. Japan is a geriatric workshop; Russia is an alcohol-sodden, self-depopulating gangster-state; and India, China, Brazil, and Indonesia comprise over three billion people, more than two-thirds of whom live as they did 3,000 years ago. They are putting up good economic-growth numbers, but China’s inflation rate is now in double digits, and all of those countries are largely dysfunctional and will require decades to have any chance of seriously rivalling America. This should provide time for the United States to pull out of its nose-dive. President Obama said, “We do big things.” The United States has, but after this presentational fiasco, I would not like to think of what he might have in mind for an encore.


RTWT. I really don't have anything to add to this.
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Ace of Spades HQ:
Pretty Horrifying: It's a 200+ page read but they're short pages and it reads, yeah, like a horror movie, except it's real, and except that there will in fact be apologists for it.

I didn't dare follow the link. The excerpts were enough to almost make me vomit, which hasn't happened since I saw the napalm scene in We Were Soldiers.

How can anyone possibly defend this? What sane person who has even a gram's worth of love for their fellow man could think this horror needed to continue, year after year? I sincerely wish all of them could be fried slowly to death, from that vile excuse for a doctor all the way up the chain to the lazy scum in the Pennsylvania state government who knew what was going on and didn't lift a finger to stop it, even after a woman died in this charnel house. Shit, I'd pedal the bicycle myself to power the electric chair.

"Safe, legal and rare" my ass. This is straight-up genocide. The only difference is that nobody's flying over the ghettos and barrios and dropping cluster bombs; they're doing it one baby at a time. Probably the best comment on this whole wretched mess, from Oldcat at AOSHQ:

They said we needed to legalize abortion to avoid dingy, dirty back alley operations that would result. Looks like we kept them anyway.

EDIT: Props to [livejournal.com profile] polaris93, who beat me to the punch on this.
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Having finished David Drake's Northworld Trilogy (about which more anon) I am nowbrowsing through Robert Heinlein's Take Back Your Government. This cries out for a new e-book addition crunk with HTML linkagery and updated footnotes; Jerry Pournelle's efforts in this regard were crippled by the publisher's insistence that the book be ready in time for Ross Perot's 1992 Presidential campaign, and there are no few references to the third-party spoiler therein. Any roads, Baen sells the book in a bundle with Sharon Cooper & Chuck Asay's Taxpayer's Tea Party, but flipping back and forth in an e-book is tedious, and the tough work of providing historical context to Heinlein's guide is unfortunately incomplete. Having done some time in the political trenches myself, I can attest to the validity of the tactical recommendations (at least so far as I've gotten in the book); it's only the times that have changed, and the technology/prices with them.

Aaron Static has a new Power Hour up. Go forth, download, and listen.

I need to cut this short and get to work. Ta.
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Hit & Run : Reason Magazine:
This might be the best example (by which I do mean worst) of how the Tucson tragedy has exposed Washington's revolting reflex of politicizing (read: dehumanizing) everything–Washington Post: "Tucson tragedy 'a real opportunity' for nonpartisan groups No Labels, Third Way." From the article:

"It's a real tragedy, but it's also a real opportunity," said Mark McKinnon, co-founder of No Labels, a nonpartisan group founded last month.

Jesus Christ.

Y RLY. No need to RTWT, because you just did, but as always the comments are pretty damn entertaining.
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Watching all this partisan poo-flinging going on about the whackjob who gunned down Judge Rolls, that poor little nine year old girl, and the other four victims of his lethal lunacy, I can't help but think of the Soviet-era proverb: C volkami zhit, kak volkami krit, which loosely translates "If you run with the wolves, howl like them." For those of you who don't get how that applies in the current political context, let's just say that there are a lot of un-housebroken leftist puppies out there howling at the tops of their lungs so the alpha wolves won't think they've strayed from the groupthink of the pack.

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. But I'd like to think, occasionally, that my political opponents didn't include so damn many Stalinist wannabees.
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While floundering around in the Baen Books website, I was dumbstruck to find Robert Heinlein's political manual Take Back Your Government available as an e-book for just $5. Considering that getting an actual dead-tree copy of this book will run you at least $50, this is a hell of a deal. Of course I bought it - haven't read it in years, and I'm curious to see how much of it is as dated as some people think.

Also, Heinlein's official bio (Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century: Volume 1 (1907-1948): Learning Curve) is available in a Kindle edition.


Anyway, I need to hit the rack. Merry Christmas to all my Latin Rite, Protestant and secular friends!
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Patriotic Hispanics Missed a Golden Opportunity During the Dream Act Debate | The Americano:
The whole reason the Dream Act is necessary is because over the last four or so decades American politicians have not earned their tax-payer funded salaries when it comes to border enforcement. Now, our nation is starting to deal with the sticky and often heart-wrenching consequences of their dereliction of duty. Does anyone believe for one moment that a nation of laws can ignore those laws for so long without consequence? So we’re now seeing the problems that we conservatives warned would come as a result. And here come the liberals with “Band-Aid” laws to treat the symptoms, all the while ignoring the disease. The Dream Act is one such law.

RTWT. This guy, as Mickey Kaus says, gets it. I'm in favor of fixing the immigration situation, but passing one amnesty after another isn't going to do it. What I really want to see is something like the Canadian system, which is biased toward high-skilled English-speakers, but until we purge some more of these race-baiting assholes from the body politic I don't see that happening.
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The Locus of Humanity - Cobb:
At Cobb, we've been over the matter of Westphalian sovereignty. I'm for it. I'm a nationalist. I'm against one world government. I'm for ethnic diversity. I'm for single national languages. I'm for full and equal citizenship for all with no permanent exceptions. That means no illegal aliens. That mean no Native American homelands. That means loyalty oaths. That means equal protection under the law. And if I had it my way, then there'd be a separate circuit of courts for everyone who is not a citizen. It might even mean conscription, but that's another debate. You might imagine why an American of African and French descent would be so adamant about a single standard of citizenship, given the this nation's history. The subtleties of legal standing are compromises of the American ideal.

This matters most when it comes to the issue of the legitimate use of legal and political power. Without the consent of full citizens, democratic rule is a farce. All good intentions, all brilliant ideas, all matters of fact have no moral force if they are applied without democratic recourse. That's supply without demand. That way lies tyranny.

RTWT. As with so much else at Cobb, it is definitely worth your time.


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