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I swear, that's what this strip seems to be leading up to.

time lag

Sep. 13th, 2009 01:27 am
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This probably illustrates the benefit and problem with random walks through the Internet.
nothing of great interest, really )
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Because it looks an awful lot like the recurring shots of Utena and Anthy in the coffin, doesn't it?

Also, I hate recap episodes. Just sayin'.
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Strong contender for one of the most retarded Fred quotes ever.
Hard to believe nobody has told him that production & warehouse work is most efficiently done by people whose talents lie in those areas, not by former architects trying to become top-flight mangaka. Meh. It's his life, but I still think he's being a moron, and not the right kind of moron either.

PS: Would somebody please remind me why in the Nine Hells I'm still following this webcomic? Because the more breaks he takes to work on peripheral shit, the harder it gets for me to remember. It's bad enough that I have to use an RSS feed to follow it.
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Parts for the new desktop arrived today and were left in the hallway by the UPS guy. Fortunately, none of my fellow residents chose to spread the wealth around.

Can't seem to drink enough water to keep up with the diabetes medications and the antibiotics. I'm constantly thirsty but I don't want to drink water because it tastes funny. This is very weird since normally I can suck down massive quantities of tap water, even tap water that nobody else will drink. I'm convinced that all the drugs are screwing up my taste buds in an annoying but non-lethal way. Another reason I can hardly wait until next week when the antibiotics run out.

Got blood drawn this afternoon but will have to go back Friday for the fasting glucose since Doc L kinda forgot to mention that test. Man, I hate those...12 hours without food is a major pain even if you sleep for eight of them.

Somehow managed to run out of socks and clean shirts at the same time despite having twice as many of the former than the latter.

Holy shit, Fred finally escaped from the fucking warehouse and posted a new strip. About Goddamn time.
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...makes a man tired and red in the eyes.

Holy shit, a Megatokyo strip appears in a timely manner!

Left work early today to go out to Fairfax, get new parts for old & busted nose hose. Forgot the relative positions of Route 50 and Fairfax County Parkway, so I wound up taking the long way around through Chantilly and being a tad late, but it all worked out. Retrieved hat & gloves from Angeethi afterward, did dinner at BK, and headed home.

Too tired to do much when I got in...logged in to EVE, put some stuff up for sale, dithered between various skills, and eventually logged out, since I'm in no shape to stay up for ops. Especially since I got up around 0520 this morning so I could go into work early. Going to rack out in a few minutes but wanted to post first.

GVDL is right: this is the greatest rant of the year. Take that, you spoiled kids, and get the hell off my lawn!
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In the most recent Megatokyo, class leader Junko Iwara tells Ping to "be herself". WTF? Hasn't it become clear to all Ping's classmates that she's not human? Or am I just jumping to conclusions - because I know this, I assume the characters do as well?
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Holy shit, Fred actually got a strip up in a timely manner! For the first time in...how long?

This was originally triggered by an [livejournal.com profile] acdragonmaster post earlier in the week, and to avoid repetition I'll repost my comment from there:
I'm starting to lose interest in it as a webcomic because of all the delays and omake sequences; the recent FMP omake left me completely cold. I'll still buy the books, but the frustration of checking for the comic every M/W/F and not finding it is getting to be a real PITA.

What occurs to me is that Fred has been so wrapped up in side projects like MegaGear and trying to be a "good daddy" that he's not putting the time in on the strip like he used to. If he keeps it up long enough, eventually he'll drive away all but his most hardcore fans. Which may not be enough to keep the thing afloat.

Now, I realize there's folks out there that say "man, you shouldn't bitch, yer gettin' it for free" and while there's some justice to that, there's also the little matter of setting up expectations and repeatedly failing to meet them. If Fred said "Updated when I can" or something like that, fine, I'd probably just set up an RSS feed and have done with it. Telling people you're going to update on a regular basis and then hardly ever managing to hit those marks, though, that's full of fail.

I still like the story a lot. I still want to know how it ends. I want to see Ed getting whacked at least one more time by Ping and/or Miho, and I want to see Dom's evil plans thwarted. I want Piro and Largo (and, of course, Kimiko and Erika) to win, but I don't want Ping and Miho and Ayako to lose, either. But I'm getting God-damned tired of dropping by the page three times a week to see nothing new or some time-wasting crappy inside joke that's only funny to hardcore otaku.
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Board meeting last night was fairly productive, with a minimum of time spent on convention stuff, and I was home by 2100 even after dropping P of at her place. I think meeting at [livejournal.com profile] redmartel's place was an excellent idea and the BBQ from Famous Dave's wasn't bad either. Nice to be able to talk without all the background noise we've usually had to cope with in the past when we've met at restaurants.

One of my former co-workers, who left to take a job across the street in another division of the Evil Banking Neighbor, is seeing the oncologists today to see whether or not she has inflammatory breast cancer. If it is, I hope she's caught it early enough; if it isn't, hopefully it's nothing serious and can be whupped quickly. It's not what she needs to be dealing with on top of all the other crap in her life.

Third installment from the Cardboard Box Fund arrived today; checks went out and the 4GB SD card was ordered from Newegg. I was briefly tempted by this offer but I could be waiting a while for that rebate...and I'd still be 3GB short. I expect to have the new card and associated USB read/write gizmo by Monday at the latest, and then I'll be able to pack the rest of my music along. Well, after I get done re-ripping the songs that I saved as WMAs on Cowzilla, anyway.

Today's Megatokyo was particularly moving. Poor little robot girl - smart enough to successfully mimic joseikousei, but not equipped with the diagnostics that would tell her what's broken. Of course, as Nanasawa observes, people aren't either.
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No, it looks like Yuki still doesn't understand what's going on. And with the local expert on her problem busy with her
roommate and her fellow worker's relationship, I don't think she's going to get any help from that direction...or from her parents, for that matter.

The interesting, it just doesn't stop.


Oct. 30th, 2006 04:28 pm
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This doesn't look good.

As I've been saying, the more I learn about Japanese culture, the more their anime and manga frighten me.
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Every time I think I have some idea where the plot is going, Fred drops the motherfucking bomb.

Ay, Nanasawa...
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Yeah, I don't believe in karma (which is a subject for an entirely different post) but it leaves me without the means to interpret what happened today...maybe a fortuitous tilting of the Luck Plane? Well, Praise "Bob", then, and pass the mid-March blizzards.

I slept in this morning and didn't get up until 9, which was bad since I'm supposed to be at work by 8:30, but it all worked out since by the time I hit the road around 10, most of the other drivers had already made it to work/decided to stay home/wound up in the ditch. Thus I cruised up 35W in low-lock at a respectable 40 mph and got to work by 1030. My annual review meeting ensued. While my supervisor had a few bones to pick with me about neatness, timeliness and excessive socializing with the Controller's secretary, the review was generally adequate and I walked off with a raise slightly over 3%. Yay!

After that, I checked with the college and sure enough, all classes had been cancelled. The poor secretary sounded like she'd anwered that question a few hundred times already by the time I called. Lunch followed that, and when I was done stuffing my face I pitched into the 40+ upload files that had accumulated since 4 PM Friday. It was a good thing I had help from the other two people in the section, who normally do GL research and miscellaneous clerical scutwork for the Bank Accounting side of the department, because about 1230 the controller decided to let everyone go at 3:30. This too worked to my advantage since my boss agreed to let me work until 5:30 instead to make up the lost time from this morning. Roll that in with the short lunch I took, and I'm out of here in ten minutes!

For your consideration today:
Ann Althouse and her commenters rip an article on gender stereotypes in the IT world;

Johnny Rotten explains why the Sex Pistols' touring days are over, and Tom Wolfe talks about W, literature, and the Zeitgeist, also via Althouse.

Cobb and Reverend Sensing have hung up the keyboard to attend to more important matters. I'm going to miss both of them, although One Hand Clapping slipped to my B-list of blogs a while ago due to the increasing number of breaks.

If the war is going so badly, why are recruiting and retention up? (Via Instapundit.)

Finally, the definitive illustration of why "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus".
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"OMG...you...You're...the real thing."
Yeah, Miho!

I haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

"I need bigger guns!!"

Somehow I don't think Ed's gun will ever be big enough. In any sense of the word. ^_^
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Looking at today's strip and Monday's strip I think Fred has set himself on a path to perpetual employment. He can keep doing Megatokyo until he gets tired of it or until he dies, whichever comes first, because at this point he has enough subplots going to keep the strip running as long as Blondie or Gasoline Alley. Hopefully he and Seraphim are going to have a kid, because if this runs as long as I think it could, we may need another mangaka named Gallagher to take over in 50-60 years.

In other news, I finally got home at 7:15 last night, dog-tired as a result of hiking down to the parking ramp behind Butler Square by way of the Nicollet Mall LRT stop. Dealt with e-mail, looked at various things online, and ate dinner before going off to bed, where I went prospecting for new AMVs for an hour or so before going to sleep. I notice that AMV.org is having one of the periodic financial crises that afflict organizations that exist through the kindness of strangers; basically, 1% of the people that use the site are donating, which is not really enough to satisfy the ever-increasing demands for bandwidth. ATC donated a few hundred bucks to AMV.org last year out of gratitude to Kris McCormic and the rest of the crew, since we've traditionally run a lot of AMVs at our room parties and not too many of them come from the (admittedly formidable) local talent. I think we need to do that again this year, and maybe pimp the site a little to our members.

More physical therapy this morning, which I made it to on time for once by actually getting up at 6 AM and getting on the road at 6:45. What a difference fifteen minutes makes! It was clear sailing up to the Crosstown, over to 100, and up to the hospital. More flogging of lymph nodes ensued, followed by a demonstration of bandaging, since I'll be doing it myself this weekend. Even with taking Wirth Parkway to 55, I got into work nice and early (9:30) which means I won't have to stay so late tonight and may actually have the energy to get some laundry and more unpacking done.
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I can understand the annoyance and depression [livejournal.com profile] windelina and others are feeling over what seems like an endless string of gray, overcast days. I don't completely agree with it; being overly influenced by my time in the Army, I learned to like overcast and rainy days because if the Soviets ever decided to visit Paris in their heavily armored RVs, most of their aircraft would be grounded, while ours would be aloft blowing their stuff up and making their lives even more poor, nasty, brutish and short than they already were.

And now I'll make a clunky segue into talking about my favorite webcomic, Fred Thompson's Megatokyo. Apparently every time Fred falls off schedule for whatever reason, be it an outing to Anime Central, moving into a new house, whatever, a bunch of ingrates bombard him with e-mails complaining because the strip is late/missing/changed to a Dead Piro Day sketch or (worse, much worse) a Shirt Guy Dom strip. This bothers Fred, who apparently hasn't gotten sufficiently filled with rage to just tell these people to take their complaints and stick them up their ventral waste apertures until they choke on them. It bothers me too, because Fred whines about it, and I feel a combination of pity for him and rage at these dumbasses who are getting quality entertainment for FREE, yes, you idiots, FREE, because Fred is a generous guy who believes in giving something back to the Internet community [insert foghorn noise here] instead of just publishing the strip in tankouban format or syndicating it, which I think he could probably do, given the proven marketability of the strip.

Speaking of idiots, when is somebody at Warner Brothers going to wake up and realize that instead of rehashing and rebranding the venerable cartoons of our parents' youth, they ought to be doing something truly new and cool like bringing Megatokyo and Sluggy Freelance and maybe even User Friendly to the TV screen? I think it's great that FOX has done stuff like The Simpsons and King of the Hill and (briefly) Futurama, but let's be honest here, the art on those series has always been terrible and there isn't any kind of story arc going on with any of those series. The demand for anime and the popularity of shows like Buffy and The X-Files (to say nothing of soap operas and mini-series) in this country has proven that people will stay tuned to a series that has an ongoing plot stretched across an entire season or even several seasons. There will always be a place in the TV schedule for episodic sitcoms and drama, but it's time that animated series grew up and got some plot lines. What better time than now?
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For the last week, and including today's strip, Fred has been on a completely crushing roll. Emotion is blazing off the pages here, and I salute him for taking the extra time this last week to get everything just right. Awesome. Just completely awesome. I haven't been this impressed with the strip in ages. [livejournal.com profile] phoenixalpha is of the opinion that this sequence mirrors the one in this strip from three years ago, which in fact is just the climax of the online adventure Miho referred to here.

Things have come full circle in a number of ways. Once, it was Largo slinging an extremely drunk Piro across his back, after Piro had crashed and burned horribly in yet another bout with the RL Game of Love. Now, it's Largo who's gotten his ego crushed, and Piro comes to the rescue. Life imitates art, which at some point imitated someone's life. It's just so cool.
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Whoa. This isn't what I was expecting either.
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Hunter Thompson used to say "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." I don't think Piro is weird enough to handle this, and I think the wheels are about to come off any day now.
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I don't know where this is going. It makes a little more sense than Friday's strip, but once again Fred takes us someplace I wasn't expecting to go. Once again...what does the look on Erika's face in the last panel mean?


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