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So I got a decent night's sleep before waking up, showering, and grabbing coffee before heading up to Baltimore again, this time to meet up with Mark & DQ for the annual breakfast at Otakon. For the second year in a row, only Mark was actually attending Otakon, although next year DQ and I may be showing up for the convention along with a couple of other alt.fan.utena vets. Breakfast was of course at the Blue Moon, as has been our habit for these last three years, but if those other folks show up, we may be finding some other venue that is a tad more roomy and doesn't make us wait quite so long for our coffee & eggage. I objected to this move on the grounds of Tradition but was outnumbered. :(

After breakfast, DQ took Mark back to the convention and I headed out of town, looking for someplace to hang out for a few hours before visiting my friend O and her older sister, who were expecting me around 1300. We got caught up on stuff and I wound up leaving around 1700, refueling the truck in Beltsville and myself in Greenbelt before heading home. I'll be heading to bed soon; I have the Rule 5 post to do at Stacy's tomorrow, and I also want to get some studying done before heading off to retrieve Mark and take him back to Virginia Beach. Hopefully that won't be affected by another hideous tie-up at the 301 bridge like the one that hosed us on the way up.
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Well, it was sorta fun, but I have to scream now...or get more sleep. Or something. I think.
Followed through on a commitment made to my buddy Mark to drive him up to Otakon yesterday, which would be no big deal if it weren't for the fact that he lives in the faraway, exotic land of Virginia Beach. I had just enough gas to get down there; he filled my tank at the local Wawa* and we took off for Baltimore. I'd decided to take 301 instead of I-95 north, since it was more direct, and this would have been a good idea if somebody hadn't had their car burst into flames on the bridge across the Potomac. So what should have been a three or four-hour drive (including periodic stops for hydration/excretion) wound up taking seven, to say nothing of the drive back to Alexandria from Baltimore, which went a lot quicker than it normally seems to.

Going to mostly stay inside today and (hopefully) get caught up on the studying I wasn't doing yesterday. May go swimming. Will definitely go out to check the fluid level in the Toaster's radiator, as it was not happy having to idle in traffic yesterday at all. :(

Any roads, since I've finished my Friday linkagery duties, I think I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours and try this waking up thing again after I've had a little more sleep. After spending twelve hours on the road yesterday, six hours of sleep is just not enough.

*Wawa is pretty much the same thing as Sheetz except they have a different funny name, different but slightly overlapping territory, and no loyalty program.
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So...Saturday P and I got together to do the Goonmeet, which involved driving from Alexandria to Ashburn to the DC waterfront and back to Ashburn again. The Goonmeet went well; there were about a dozen Goons and Battlestars and IGNE guys there, which was a good turnout, and there was a lot of grilling and drinking and conversation. Awesome party barge was awesome; breeze off the Potomac was particularly fine. We'll have to do this again, if at all possible.

Got back home Saturday night ~0030 after a brief stop on the way home for coffee and filters, and thought I'd have problems with sleep since I really needed to be on the road for Baltimore to meet [livejournal.com profile] deathquaker and [livejournal.com profile] onsenmark in Baltimore for breakfast by 0700. Oddly, I woke at 0500 and couldn't get back to sleep, so all of Sunday's hegira was accomplished on FOUR HOURS SLEEP...and a buttload of caffeine. Anyway...motored on up to B-town, found the Blue Moon without much problem and arrived only 10 minutes late thanks to some incredible luck with parking spaces. The chorizo with eggs was great, the cinnamon roll was extremely good (I only took samples!) and the service was outstanding. This may turn into an annual thing.
Unfortunately breakfast was over far too soon because there were panels [livejournal.com profile] deathquaker wanted to attend, and [livejournal.com profile] onsenmark had to pack and check out. They did get me 90% of the way toward volunteering for staff at next year's Otakon -too old and experienced to gofer, thank you very much.
I then woke my niece up with texts and phone calls, and about 20 minutes later picked her up in front of the Baltimore Hilton, which at $138/night fails badly; no free breakfast, only 1 TV in the room, perks nonexistant. Welp. We then drove down to my apartment where she ogled my vast collection of anime and manga (ha, [livejournal.com profile] stuckintraffik, [livejournal.com profile] revolutionaryjo, and others - if she could have seen yours she would have plotzed!) while I changed my shirt. We then headed up to Frederick for a visit with [livejournal.com profile] brian_edminster and his lovely fiance.

Failbox was still fail; those primitive screwheads at MSI have a BIOS flashing procedure that insists on using a floppy drive and does not recognize modern innovations like thumb drives. There's also a possibility that the SATA drives are mounted too close together and the heat they're throwing off is messing things up. Joy. So the next thing on the agenda is to get an IDE floppy drive, remount the SATA drives, and try that reflashing thing again. At this rate I may be able to afford a a new box from Gateway before this thing is running without problems. In the meantime, it's back in my living room waiting for the next step.

Got my niece home around 2300, drove home, took meds, and fell over. Everything went black until 1100 today. Still kind of tired, but I took care of my obligations to the VEC and tried to get caught up on some other stuff online. As much time as I spent in the Sportage this weekend, I think there are a couple of things I need to go out and pick up tonight. We'll see what happens.


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