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Boring medical stuff )
Aside from that, I didn't get a lot done yesterday. Got home around 1530 and basically just collapsed in front of the computer until 2000 at which point I was falling asleep while ratting in EVE, which is a Bad Thing. Today will be consumed with job-hunting and related activities, also some grocery shopping to cover the stuff I forgot Wednesday. Maybe I'll get started on Stipple-APA, the latest disty of which arrived yesterday.
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Finished working on the APAzine and the cover, stuffed it into a thumb drive since I was out of black ink, and headed out to take care of business. Unfortunately, printing the zine was a painful process that made me wish for a moment that I'd just gone to Kinko's, but eventually the zine and covers were done and I cashed in my Staples Rewards voucher so that the whole deal (OK, except for the covers) was free.

It wasn't until I'd sent the whole package off to Judie, who is wielding the Velveeta baton this month while Jeanne is off slacking at the Worldcon, that I realized I'd forgotten to pick up more ink for my printer. :(

I then had some great hummus and an equally horrible shawirma (PICKLES???) at the Mediterranean joint across from the Post Office, and headed home by way of the Harris Teeter, where I indulged in a pork BBQ sub to get the taste of that shawirma out of my mouth. I suspect I won't be having much in the way of dinner tonight. Along with the sub, I picked up some pork steaks, two pounds of ground beef for $1.99, and some organic yogurt which hopefully won't taste like dreck. At two for a buck it won't be a big loss if it is.

I may be going out later (after the rush hour!) to get the black ink and pick up some vampire hunter novels by Julie Kenner, who seems to have gotten a decent run of "Buffy as Soccer Mom" books onto the market. I remember looking at the first one a few years back but not doing anything about it; tonight we'll find out if my gut reaction was right.
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Spent the morning sending resumes and Praxis scores to various private schools in the area, part of the afternoon in the pool, and most of the evening listening to the Nationals pull of a surprising come-from-behind win over the Marlins, who usually whip the Nats silly without even breaking a sweat. So all in all it was a pretty good day.

Tomorrow, printing and mailing the APAzine and cover will take up the morning and I'll do a little shopping before hitting the pool again in the afternoon.
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Fairly busy day planned for today. First priority will be to get this month's StippleAPA copied and sent off in the mail (Priority, of course) so that it'll make it to the collation on time. One hopes. Online job-hunting will follow, along with the usual amount of online time-wasting, though I might manage to get some writing done instead. Been thinking about the novel a bit lately, re-reading notes, and doing some occasional scribbling; today seems as good a day as any to actually do some prolonged thrashing on the keyboard between firing off resumes into the darkness.

Then I'll be wandering out in the general direction of Ashburn to meet RS for dinner and discuss moving my Geocities website to his server, since Yahoo! intends to whip away the holy crutch of free hosting sometime in the very near future. I've been thinking of domain names, and we'll see tonight if any of them are free.
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Tried to get my sleep cycle back on track last night but that didn't work, so I'll give it another shot tonight. In the meantime, I'm baking bread, doing laundry, and spending a lot of unproductive time online. Tomorrow, I think, I'm going to prod the temp agencies and see if they have any data entry gigs available. Hell, $10/hour may not be much better than unemployment, but it'll give me something to help cover the bills with. Especially since I need to start saving up for August rent, as the last of the Cardboard Box Fund is in the process of being liquidated so that July rent can be covered.

Also need to knock out some pages for the next issue of StippleAPA, which is going to be collated Saturday. That'll go to the copy shop Wednesday morning and get mailed out immediately thereafter.
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(moar like Day 1.1, c/d?)

Original plan to get up relatively early, hit the breakfast buffet and see [livejournal.com profile] bam2 before leaving for the collation failed utterly. I attended neither of the panels, missed [livejournal.com profile] bam2 and the buffet, and wound up eating lunch at Erbert & Gerbert's before boarding the bus to the Stipple collation and arriving half an hour early, much to Jeanne's surprise. Collation was entertaining; it was good to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] luned and the other folks and talk about Stuff.

C. showed up right at 1700 and we headed south to Edina and Q.Cumbers; dinner of good quality (and much roughage) was had, and then we went up to her office to do taxes, watch YouTube videos, do taxes, look at stuff in EVE, do taxes, drink tea, and basically act all ADD while taking care of her taxes for the last three years (MN and Fed). Hopefully the state and Feds won't screw her too badly on the penalties and interest. She pressed a couple of CDs on me of Funker Vogt, Combichrist, and some really filthy Russian ska by Leningrad. Reminded me of the famous DLI Obscenity tape, only set to ska music and sung enthusiastically. OMG, is it foul.

Got back to the hotel about 0100 or so in the snow, hung out for a while near ops with [livejournal.com profile] gohanvox, [livejournal.com profile] geekboyonline, [livejournal.com profile] kurai_tsuki, [livejournal.com profile] revolutionaryjo and others in various states of drunkenness (or not, as in the case of [livejournal.com profile] stuckintraffik and probably [livejournal.com profile] dejana) and headed upstairs about an hour or two later. Getting up in a few hours for breakfast will be painful but necessary; tomorrow I hope to actually see more programming, but I suspect this won't happen.
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Long day in the trenches today, mostly spent writing up ledger entries and bollixing up the format so that I couldn't actually enter about a third of them. Oh well; only done this for 2-3 months, but eventually I'll get it down.

Finally got a call back from Comfort Care and scheduled an appointment for Friday afternoon to go get the CircAids and strap 'em on.

Aside from that, not much going on. I need to crank out something for the APA collation and get it in the mail Thursday night, so I better get some of that done tonight. But first, dinner.
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Managed to crank out four pages of comments on the last three StippleAPAs. I should be able to get two pages of natter done tomorrow night and then do the copying and mailing tomorrow so that my zine will arrive at Judie & David's on Saturday in time for the collation. Right now, though, it's time for bed.
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Stayed late at the office tonight, but not because I was working - had to bash out the latest contribution to StippleAPA, which is being collated this Saturday. Got it composed and printed and will stop by a post office on the way to work in the morning...ah, who am I kidding? It'll probably get dumped in a USPS robot tomorrow night. Speaking of things fannish, I finally remembered to follow up with [livejournal.com profile] marainsanity and [livejournal.com profile] geekboyonline about some Detour stuff.

Doing the APA at work reminded me of why I don't like writing on Cowzilla. I'm too used to the normal 101-key keyboard (with a Y key that functions consistently to boot) and the laptop's kibo is laid out "wrong". It's okay for doing short pieces for LJ, but anything longer is a pain in the butt. Yeah, it's an excuse, not a reason, but any distraction from writing will keep you from it. This is why Jerry Pournelle has a "monk's cell" that contains a computer with nothing on it but word processing software and a printer; otherwise it's too easy to let your mind wander off down the Intertubes on a random walk or get stuck into playing Civ IV or EVE-Online or some damn thing. I suspect this is why most of Blood Red Skies was done during slack time at the Evil Banking Neighbor.

Claycon 14

Jun. 24th, 2007 07:27 pm
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On the second day of Keflex I felt like crap and my legs were swollen, so I decided to blow off the Convergence meeting.

I did take some time to go over to the Penn-Lake library and "host" the Stipple collation. Spent a pleasant half-hour or so chatting with Jeanne, [livejournal.com profile] jolest, and [livejournal.com profile] luned about work and stimulating interest in the APA, whose page count is down to 15 now that some of the old stalwarts like [livejournal.com profile] huladavid have fallen prey to RL. Ironically, our salvation may be on the intarwebs; Starwolf apparently found an online listing of APAs and will be adding Stipple to it as soon as Jeanne gets an e-mail address for it.

After the collation I went home and sat around in a daze playing EVE with no great enthusiasm; nobody I knew was online, and that takes some of the fun out of it. I thought I should make an appearance at Claycon to say hello if nothing else since this will very likely be my last one, and moseyed over there about 1930 with a stop at Rainbow for soda (Sadly, I can no longer assist with beer depletion.). This year I chose the badge name "Not Bob From Marketing"*, which was a good conversation starter** as it allowed me to spread the good word about EVE, which oddly enough most people in this gathering of SF fans/IT geeks hadn't heard of. Thanks to a lot of conversations and a fatal game of Zar, I didn't get out of there until about 0700 today. OMFG, goodbye sleep cycle.

Napped until about noon and then lay around insensate for a couple more hours until [livejournal.com profile] jamestrainor called. I finished showering, dressing and downing the "morning" drugs just as he arrived. We hit the pool for about half an hour or so before heading off to Eagan for Chinese at the New China. It was okay. I should probably log into EVE and do a few logistical things before crashing early...and maybe turn on the a/c, as the long-promised heat seems to be settling in now that the evening is here. WTF.

*In honor of fellow Goonfleet pilot "BobFromMarketing", who is much better at PVP than I am and has a cooler sig besides.

**Unlike last year, when "Stunt Double For Francis Sandow" clicked with nobody.
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I meant to get to bed at a reasonable hour last night, but made the mistake of opening up the World War II in the Pacific scenario for Civ III, which as a simulation is kind of at the same level as SPI's old Blue & Gray quad, or a couple steps above Risk. Short steps. Anyway, it kept me up until 2 AM.

Today I need to run out to Kinko's, make an expedient cover for StippleAPA #225 , and then head over to [livejournal.com profile] jolest and his SO's place for the collation, stopping along the way to pick up the new Drake novel at the library, because the library won't be open by the time I get back. Probably need to hit Wal-Mart and/or SA on the way back, since the supply of milk, mayo, and lunch meat is getting a tad low.

The eBay auctions are going...so far, only two of the six games have bids. Bloody April is up to a respectable $61, and oddly enough someone's made a bid on that ancient creature Korea. People are watching three of the other five, but so far nobody's expressed any interest in Air War. I guess that doesn't surprise me too much; these days there are probably quite decent flight simulators that will let you play head-to head in just about any fighter you like, or make a bomb run with your choice of Bear, Bison, BUFF, Aardvark or B-2 (or whatever fighter-bomber you desire) against all manner of air defense systems. I'd be sort of interested in the latter, having long had an unhealthy fascination with busting the Soviet air defenses a la Flight of the Old Dog or taking on Route Pack Six in a Thud like Jack Broughton and his fellow sled drivers. Ah, well, that'll have to wait until I have more time and money, like so many other things.
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Got the apazine finished and copied.
Got the rules and charts for the copy of Air War I'm selling copied.
Forgot the cover for the disty until I got home. Damn.
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Managed to finally get caught up on leftover StippleAPA comments last night, crunching away for about five and a half hours occasionally interrupted by e-mail (mostly comments on the lead paragraph of the previous post) and fiddling with Pandora.com, about which more in a minute. Unsurprisingly, I made a lot more progress after I shut off Thunderbird and closed all the other tabs in Firefox except the one Pandora was running in, and a good thing too since getting caught up on comments is difficult work - you have to read over the disties (back to #221; this Saturday's will be #225), decide whether somebody else has already made a pertinent (or impertinent ^_^) reply, and then drive on with reading and/or commenting. I was damn glad to be done with it by the time I finished around midnight.Still, depending on work today, I may add a couple more pages of personal natter before printing it all out and copying it...and I have to do the cover, too. *sigh*

I do want to say a few words about Pandora.com, which is an offshoot of the Music Genome Project. It has things in common with Last.fm, but since I found Pandora first I'm sticking with it until I have time to mess around with the other system and see if it suits me better. Right now I'm in the early stages of building a playlist I want to listen to, mainly from a base of Roxy Music (and its offshoot bands), Judas Priest, David Bowie, Add N to (X), and whatever bands Pandora thinks are similar to the preceding. Ultimately, I suppose, this will be the internet version of what I would have liked WGTB to have been: an eclectic mix of rock styles without the annoying New Left politics. So far I've been largely pleased by the suggestions, and hope ultimately to educate the software to the point where it can distinguish between the songs I like by the preceding bands and the songs I don't. I guess we'll see how that goes. For now, I'm really happy that I've had a chance to listen to several tracks by Add N to (X), which now strikes me as a truly weird combination of King Missile and Gary Numan (or David Bowie from his Berlin period) without all the angst and with analog synthesizers instead of digital gear. Very bizarre and interesting, even with the heavily distorted vocals, which I normally don't care for.

I think I'm going to make a point of avoiding the more politics-oriented blogs for a few days, because I'm getting burned out and cranky. Say, [livejournal.com profile] stuckintraffik, any chance of getting together to kill stuff? You were making noises about Gears of War the other day, but I'd be fine with HALO or anything else that allows me to play with my friend Mr. Grenade. [livejournal.com profile] redmartel, want to see if we can get through a few turns of Bloody April if Fearless Leader's bogged down? I really want to lay things to waste, even if it's only cardboard or pixels on a screen, and like sex, it's always more fun when you're not the only one doing it. ~_^
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It didn't start well. Any day that starts with only six hours of sleep because somebody else has to go to work early is officially teh suck. I compounded that by staying up and playing Civicrack for a couple of hours, but a substantial breakfast and a big cup of Guatemala balanced that out, and I even managed to rewrite my apazine so that I wound up with four pages.

Much driving around ensued. P wanted to do stuff at the apartment after showering, but I drew the line - I had a 2 PM collation to be hosting, and no delays would be tolerated. Between the Kinko's run, refueling, lunch on the run, and swinging back by the apartment for a clipboard & tape (which wound up not being used) and dropping off P's apartment keys, I barely made it back to Arcana and the collation by 2 PM. I did, though, and things went pretty smoothly. There was a good turnout - pretty much all the in-town members except for Marjorie, IIRC. [livejournal.com profile] materia_indigo and Rick both took spec copies, so we may even have some new blood for the next issue. Yay!
And then a lot of Arcana stuff happened. )
And I'll be back at it this afternoon after showering & dressing. TTFN.
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Took half a day off from work yesterday to take care of business on P's behalf and then headed over to Bandana Square for Arcana. It was pretty slow, as Friday afternoons usually are; the high point was seeing Dead of Night and going out to Dino's for gyros and falafel. I passed up Opening Ceremonies and spent the rest of the evening talking to [livejournal.com profile] materia_indigo and Mike about their trip to Japan, languages, weird job postings at the U, and my plans for next year, which MI hadn't previously been aware of. (Neither of us knew the other had LJ. @_@) Got home a little before 0100 and got six hours of uneasy sleep before crawling out of bed to run P into work.

If I had any brains I would have just gone home and back to bed, but the combined pull of the new Caribou on Penn and breakfast at McD's was too much to resist. Ahhh, Guatemala. Someday I will do horrible things with Photoshop and animation software in your honor. Anyway, now that I've eaten and performed the morning health maintenance ritual, I think I'll clean up and make this StippleAPA a little more than the excusezine I was originally planning.

Or not. The lure of Civicrack is strong.
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Pretty busy weekend, despite the heat. Spent a lot of it out and about, surprisingly; lots of things needed to be done and couldn't be put off.

Friday night: long-delayed meeting with Steph for not-sushi (the rest of the staff having gotten their sushi a couple months back) and talk about registration plans for 2007. Went home afterwards and hacked on apazine, discovering in the process that the printer had developed a wide black streak down the midle of the pages. Grrrr.

Saturday: went to Kinko's, printed and copied the zine on Astrobright Red to match the scorching temperatures, and headed to the collation at [livejournal.com profile] basilpsyche's place (OK, his mom's place. Whatever.) Pretty fat issue this time with lots of contributors. some of whom (hi, [livejournal.com profile] luned!) even showed up! Wooo! Went to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jolest and Jeanne at the recently reopened Town Talk Diner.
So how is it? )
Sunday: picked up [livejournal.com profile] jamestrainor for breakfast and swimming. The children have finally reached the point where the hairpulling and poking is now an occasional verbal thing, praise Jesus. We hit Q. Cumbers for the breakfast buffet, went back to the apartment after stopping en route for P to acquire work shoes that didn't kill her feet, and then soaked ourselves in the pool for a couple of hours. I took [livejournal.com profile] jamestrainor home after that, hit B&N for fresh reading material (Charles Stross' Accelerando and John Steele Gordon's An Empire of Wealth, taking advantage of a 25% off coupon for the latter) before going home and vegging for a couple of hours. Once it was dark, I packed up all my laundry and headed out to the laundromat, did laundry and read about half of Accelerando, swung by the local Wal-Mart to get stuff we'd forgotten in the Saturday run, and finally got home around midnight. Stayed up until about 0200 reading more Accelerando.

And that was the weekend.


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