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I see that it's been five and a half years since I last logged in here, and there have been a few changes. For those of you that haven't been following my misadventures on LiveJournal, here's a short summary.

2012: Failed the CPA exam, got evicted from my apartment in Foxchase, and after a temporary stay in Crystal City for a month, I wound up renting a bedroom out in Springfield.

2013-2014: Nothing much happened. I collected disability from Social Security, worked for Block during the tax season, attended Balticon and Anime Detour and sometimes Katsucon.

2015: I got pushed into declaring bankruptcy, which I managed with some help from my friends, and eventually packed up a bunch of my stuff (after giving away several pickup truck loads to people who could use the charitable contribution deduction better than I could) before driving to Las Vegas immediately after Balticon by way of Louisiana, Houston, Albuquerque, and various points in between -like Chattanooga, Wichita Falls, Tucumcari, and Kingman- before settling into the Plaza Hotel for a couple days until I got my apartment lease done. Friends helped me fix my truck and get my stuff out of hock as well. It's very good to have friends, and I have been especially blessed.

2016: After a disappointing tax season, I started driving for Uber in May. This was fun and profitable, if occasionally annoying. Went to Anime Detour and Balticon and the Salt Lake City Ingress Anomaly, which was disappointing. Got back in touch with an old friend from Civil Air Patrol days.
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Since I've decided to stay up and make a feeble attempt at getting back on some kind of a regular schedule, I thought I should probably post something to the journals for the benefit of anyone still reading this...
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Thanks to [personal profile] neonvincent for the link to this awesome mashup of Texts From Last Night and the Best Anime Ever.
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Well, the Nationals are back in the cellar in the NL East, and my Aces are tied for third in their Yahoo! fantasy league. The latter is somewhat of a surprise to me; I wound up drafting a buttload of catchers this season and thereby wound up with a team more to my liking: lots of sluggers and good pitching, as opposed to the speedy offense and indifferent pitching I seem to get in most seasons.

The Nationals...well, perhaps predictably, trading Justin Maxwell to the Yankees has come back to bite the team in the ass, as Roger Bernadina wasn't quite up to the task of replacing Ankiel when the latter went on the DL for a few days. I love me some Sharkness, and think the Nats sending him to AAA is just retarded, but I'm not Mike Rizzo. Less Wang and more Shark, plz. The idea of Ankiel being a long-term solution would be hilarious if it wasn't so dumb.

Even with that nonsense going on, the defense has tightened up considerably since last year, the pitching is definitely better as a consequence, and as a result the team is giving the Fish and Mets a run for their money this year. We're only two games out of third, and have a good chance of making it back to .500, which would probably be good enough for third place in the East.

So far I haven't made it out to any games this season, either downtown or at any of the local minor league parks, and with my financial situation pretty badly screwed, I don't expect that to change. Almost as bad, the schedule I'm on during the week keeps me from following the Nats on the radio since I'm usually snoozing by the time the games are on at night and I never remember to switch the radio to the game when there's a day game. :(
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Except not really; I didn't sleep well last night or for very long, and as a result I just flat ran out of energy and crashed late in the morning after the caffeine from the morning dose of Atomic Joe and Morning Thunder wore off. Wound up sleeping until 1630, so just barely got the rent check in on time. Needless to say, there was no trip to NoVa for the first Inetrmediate Accounting II test. *shrug* It'll give me something to look forward to come Monday.

Haha, wrong again. Thought Agatha H. and the Airship City was a compilation of the webcomics by Phil & Kaja Foglio, but instead it's something I've never seen before: a NOVELIZATION of the first three volumes of the Girl Genius webcomic. Now, maybe it's just because it's been about ten years since I started following the webcomic and my memeory ain't what it used to be, but I'd swear there's stuff in the novelization that wasn't in the comics. Or maybe I just didn't notice it. Or maybe I was stunned at the lack of pictures. Guesses for grabs, man. Anyway, it was very good, and it is Highly Recommended.

Tomorrow I'll be driving out to RS & Kimbie's new place and helping them paint. The exercise will do me good, and will kill off a few obs besides.
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Went out today to return some books to the library and apply for work at a Dunkin' Donuts that will be opening soon in Foxchase.
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Aug. 3rd, 2011 11:02 am
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Anime Studio Pro 8

How long has software like this been loose on the market?
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Still kind of tired after all the driving this weekend, capped off with rising early on Monday to help Smitty deal with some yard waste that his homeowners' association was busting his chops about. All in all, it was a good weekend with a lot of time spent with friends near and far.

Aside from spending a good part of the day helping out Smitty and then hanging out for a while, yesterday was pretty much eaten by snakes. I crashed hard around 1900, dozing out to the Nationals/Braves game, and slept through until 0300 when I woke up to do Live At Five.

Can't decide whether I want to go back to bed for a nap or just do more coffee and push on through.
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So I got a decent night's sleep before waking up, showering, and grabbing coffee before heading up to Baltimore again, this time to meet up with Mark & DQ for the annual breakfast at Otakon. For the second year in a row, only Mark was actually attending Otakon, although next year DQ and I may be showing up for the convention along with a couple of other alt.fan.utena vets. Breakfast was of course at the Blue Moon, as has been our habit for these last three years, but if those other folks show up, we may be finding some other venue that is a tad more roomy and doesn't make us wait quite so long for our coffee & eggage. I objected to this move on the grounds of Tradition but was outnumbered. :(

After breakfast, DQ took Mark back to the convention and I headed out of town, looking for someplace to hang out for a few hours before visiting my friend O and her older sister, who were expecting me around 1300. We got caught up on stuff and I wound up leaving around 1700, refueling the truck in Beltsville and myself in Greenbelt before heading home. I'll be heading to bed soon; I have the Rule 5 post to do at Stacy's tomorrow, and I also want to get some studying done before heading off to retrieve Mark and take him back to Virginia Beach. Hopefully that won't be affected by another hideous tie-up at the 301 bridge like the one that hosed us on the way up.


Jul. 29th, 2011 07:32 pm
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Apparently LJ has stayed up long enough for all of my old posts & their commets to get imported here. Booya.
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Well, it was sorta fun, but I have to scream now...or get more sleep. Or something. I think.
Followed through on a commitment made to my buddy Mark to drive him up to Otakon yesterday, which would be no big deal if it weren't for the fact that he lives in the faraway, exotic land of Virginia Beach. I had just enough gas to get down there; he filled my tank at the local Wawa* and we took off for Baltimore. I'd decided to take 301 instead of I-95 north, since it was more direct, and this would have been a good idea if somebody hadn't had their car burst into flames on the bridge across the Potomac. So what should have been a three or four-hour drive (including periodic stops for hydration/excretion) wound up taking seven, to say nothing of the drive back to Alexandria from Baltimore, which went a lot quicker than it normally seems to.

Going to mostly stay inside today and (hopefully) get caught up on the studying I wasn't doing yesterday. May go swimming. Will definitely go out to check the fluid level in the Toaster's radiator, as it was not happy having to idle in traffic yesterday at all. :(

Any roads, since I've finished my Friday linkagery duties, I think I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours and try this waking up thing again after I've had a little more sleep. After spending twelve hours on the road yesterday, six hours of sleep is just not enough.

*Wawa is pretty much the same thing as Sheetz except they have a different funny name, different but slightly overlapping territory, and no loyalty program.
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I have grown weary of fighting with LJ and its seemingly unending stream of DDoS attacks, especially since the new management doesn't seem to be inclined to compensate for the lost/erratic access. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] onsenmark, I'm now set up at Dreamwidth.

I know some of you have already migrated; would you be kind enough to leave your addresses in the comments so I can friend you on Dreamwidth as well? Or not, an it please ye.

I've set my DW posts to cross-post here for the convenience of those folks reading this via RSS, Google Reader, or some other automagical tomfoolery.
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I'm having a hard time remembering to post about things I've read lately, perhaps because so much of what I've read lately has been news articles about politics and/or celebrities, and I'm almost to the point of gouging my eyes out with a spoon from immersing myself in that crap five days a week.
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...but the recent problems LJ has been experiencing aren't giving me a lot of choice. There are things I don't care to post to E2 or Facebook, and if LJ isn't up enough for me to rely on it, I'll have to go with this.
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[livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar, who recently wrapped up the most excellent "Spots The Space Marine" web serial here on LJ, recently made a trip to Readercon and posted about it here.

I'm glad she did well there, but I completely sympathize with her decision not to go back for a while - if ever. The knee-jerk political and anti-religious attitudes on display there aren't unique to Readercon by any stretch of the imagination, and to say it sticks in my craw is a massive understatement. The inability of these people to see that they're engaged in a massive case of projection is truly astounding, and says volumes about how compassionate and sensitive they really are. As I put it some years ago at one of the last Convergence cons I went to before moving down here, "Look, I'm not here to discuss politics. I'm here to discuss SF & fantasy. You want to talk to me about politics, do it somewhere else because I'm not going to do it here." Still, the ugly fact is that most SF fans seem to assume that you, too, are politically liberal and atheist, and that political conservatives/religious people are suitable figures for derision. Which we don't appreciate, surprisingly enough.

Related: I don't pimp Liberty SF nearly enough and should probably put it in my blogroll here at the LJ.
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Lileks and [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin are both mourning the end of the NASA Shuttle program in their different ways, communicating that they both feel that the door to America's future in space has been closed. Texas Governor Rick Perry is also less than pleased.

Me, not so much. To be honest, I've been annoyed with NASA since the 1970s when they shut down the Apollo program and let Skylab fall out of orbit, and I've been wishing that they, like many agencies of the Federal government, would just die and get out of the way. When you look back at the roots of the space program in science fiction, there wasn't much in the way of great space epics that involved massive government bureaucracies re-enacting the Manhattan Project IN SPACE! For that matter, Heinlein's juvenile novel Rocket Ship Galileo presented America's first trip to the moon as, basically, a backyard science project. So historically, we should look at NASA as an aberration, a sixty-year detour from the road we should have been on all along. That road, the private-sector exploration and exploitation of space, is one we're belatedly going down, mainly because nobody can rely on NASA to get payloads into orbit any more, and there are a lot of reasons we don't want to put all our eggs in Russian and Chinese baskets.

I sometimes wonder if the massive presence of fantasy fans hasn't derailed fandom from what used to be fairly unanimous support for organizations like the L5 Society (now merged with the National Space Society); certainly, there's less visible presence of such groups at conventions these days, or so it seems. Or maybe it's just that the NSS doesn't do the kind of outreach to fandom that it used to. In any case, space is the logical extension of America's long and successful history in aviation, which in turn is one of the few remaining successful export industries left in this country. It's still raining soup out there, and if we can get NASA out of the business of buying, selling, manufacturing, and writing regulations about bowls, we might could get some more cool things done in space, for the benefit of our country and the world.

UPDATE: I guess I'm not alone in thinking that fandom has failed the space program. (Jerry Pournelle)


Jul. 19th, 2011 09:50 pm
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This was a fun flick, every bit as violent and funny as the trailer led me to believe. Of course, given that Bruce Willis was the main character, the violent part was a given, but the funny parts, which mostly revolve around his romance with a federal pensions clerk (who has NO IDEA what his old job was) were a pleasant surprise. John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren (to say nothing of Brian Cox as Ivan) do great work as retired agents for the CIA/MI6/KGB suddenly forced to fall back on their old skills to avoid death at the hands of CIA officer karl Urban and his small army of cops, soldiers, hit men, etc. Mary-Louis Parker is good as Frank's beloved, Sara, Richard Dreyfus and Rebecca Pidgeon are appropriately vile in their roles - basically everyone in the movie does a good job. The reason why the CIA is trying to off our aged heroes (and heroine, and Sara, who's just in the wrong relationship with the wrong guy at the wrong time) is typical hackneyed Hollywood conspiracy theorist horse shit, but I don't watch these movies for the plot, tbqh. Recommended.
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Now, to be sure, there are plenty of Americans who are firmly convinced that we would all be better off if we grew our own food, bought only locally, kept firms small, eschewed modern conveniences like home appliances, went back to using only natural products, expropriated wealthy savers, harassed the capitalistic class until it felt itself unwelcome and vanished. This paradise has a name, and it is Haiti.

-from Jeffrey Tucker's "When Capital Is Nowhere In View" RTWT.



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