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[livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar, who recently wrapped up the most excellent "Spots The Space Marine" web serial here on LJ, recently made a trip to Readercon and posted about it here.

I'm glad she did well there, but I completely sympathize with her decision not to go back for a while - if ever. The knee-jerk political and anti-religious attitudes on display there aren't unique to Readercon by any stretch of the imagination, and to say it sticks in my craw is a massive understatement. The inability of these people to see that they're engaged in a massive case of projection is truly astounding, and says volumes about how compassionate and sensitive they really are. As I put it some years ago at one of the last Convergence cons I went to before moving down here, "Look, I'm not here to discuss politics. I'm here to discuss SF & fantasy. You want to talk to me about politics, do it somewhere else because I'm not going to do it here." Still, the ugly fact is that most SF fans seem to assume that you, too, are politically liberal and atheist, and that political conservatives/religious people are suitable figures for derision. Which we don't appreciate, surprisingly enough.

Related: I don't pimp Liberty SF nearly enough and should probably put it in my blogroll here at the LJ.
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The Bleat.:
Which leads to the question of how you – I mean, you – define your passage through time. I’m not sure I can answer the question; it’s a combination of personal plots, locations, and cultural markers. As I’ve said before, I feel bad for kids now who grow up in an era when all culture is potentially current culture, when it’s all the permanent now, with no demarcations between styles and eras. You have to be able to read the past to know what led to the next thing, and why we’re where we are. This is the vaguest paragraph I have ever written.

This is actually very profound, at least to me. I am, perhaps, overly concerned with the past. I certainly spend enough time thinking and writing about it, perhaps out of fear that sometime in the future I won't actually be able to remember it, and I'll have to rely on these written accounts of what happened when, how I felt about it, and what the ambient music was.

I'm also concerned with the past because I feel - no, fuck that, I KNOW - that people in general don't pay a lot of attention to the past and tend to forget what happened 10, 20, 30+ years ago. It all dissolves into a white-noise blue screen for people, and they don't remember even the things which are important to them personally and the subculture they belong to. That's why I keep banging on about the HRMP War, its causes and its effects - because people don't/won't remember why the subculture they live in is the way it is, and why it's prone to dumb shit like that. Somebody has to remember this stuff and remind the forgetful.
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Ironically enough, I'm writing this on a Friday afternoon before the monthly PRSFS meeting.

P returned from the Great American Desert, where Convergence is held every Independence Day weekend, and had much news, most of it amusing in a "ha-ha, funny!" way and some of it amusing in a bitter, cynical "LOOK HOW STUPID YOU ARE" way.
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I'm hauling out the MacArthur icon for this because I'm putting on my ex-Chairman hat for this post.
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[livejournal.com profile] michaellee has been pimping this website aggressively of late, and I have some gut reactions. I'm posting them here because, well, I'm not really part of Twin Cities fandom any more. My future in fandom, such as it is, will be defined by whatever I do here in the Baltimore/Washington are. So I don't think it's my place to shit up League of Wonders with my comments.
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Wound up doing my good deed for the decade by hauling a pizza out to P's place for various reasons she can explain if she wants to, but it was worth it to get caught up on all the Detour gossip/drama** as well as getting her take on this year's Convergence (now with 400% more SEX, LOL) which included pole dancing, go-go dancers at the Oddcon party, and a kissing booth for some worthy cause that featured increasingly scantily-clad young ladies as the weekend progressed. Judging from the photographs posted so far by [livejournal.com profile] verrant, among others, Allen Carpentier's criticism of femmefans* no longer applies, at least not at Convergence where, apparently, attracting da yoots of Minnesota is not a problem. :)

Nothing much of any consequence accomplished today otherwise; hope to change that tomorrow.

*"Half-pretty women half-dressed to show it." Inferno, chapter 1 IIRC
**Relax, [livejournal.com profile] stuckintraffik, it's all good. ;)
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Right now, I kinda wish I was at Convergence. OTOH, low on cash and short on clean clothes is no way to attend a convention.
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I think it's a cliche that people join fandom looking for community. Traditionally, this has certainly been the case, and to some extent continues to be the case for some people, but now that SF and fantasy have become part of the mainstream I don't think it's quite as common as it used to be. The result of this is that fandom is less of a ghetto than it used to be, and some of the social aspects have weakened as a result.
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Oddly enough, sound cards may be cheaper at Best Buy than Walmart. I might be able to get one for even less at one of the local Circuit City stores, but I can't price-check them on-line; all you get when you go to circuitcity.com is a notice posted about the chain closing in the US. As for the keyboard, there are some spares around here and I'm going to ask if I can borrow one until next week.

In the comments to [livejournal.com profile] michaellee's post here about Convergence, there's some discussion of the fallout from the HRMP Wars, which are directly responsible for the creation of Convergence and Marscon as well as the implosion of attendance at Minicon, which latter was the intended purpose of the HRMP.
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I hadn't really thought about it all that much until the call for panelists went out, but it occurs to me that I probably should have mentioned on here that I most likely won't be coming north for Convergence. Given the flakiness of the job situation and the expense involved, going back to Minneapolis for the July 4 weekend really makes no sense to me...quite aside from the fact that the Sheraton is almost certainly sold out by now, and while I could certainly get rooms at the Thunderbird that weekend (for less, and with better food) that would also mean I'd have to either rent a car for the weekend (and not use it most of the time) or bus back and forth, which would be a massive pain in the ass. So I'm just not going to bother.
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Last day of the assignment here at Strayer, and it started with about 90 minutes of bulk filing and document sorting. Beats sitting around staring at the Interwebs. I see that the job listings on the local accountemps.com board are pretty full of things I can do, so hopefully the staffers will be able to get me going on something bright and early Monday, preferably something that has me working 40 hours a week at a decent wage ($16+) since I'd like to start putting money away for an apartment deposit, oil change, Detour, etc.

Went to see my friend Mr. B last night after work. He's been afflicted with a number of infections including cellulitis along with his ongoing fluid retention problems, and is currently in a Laurel nursing facility. TBQH, he looks much worse than I do, but then again he's a lot more sick than I am. Hopefully he'll be over all the bacterial annoyances and back home soon. This is the stage of our lives when our bodies repay us for the abuses and negligence of our youth, although that doesn't explain the unfortunate infliction of a brain tumor on Roadkill. I feel vaguely bad about this, although he and I weren't exactly friends; in fact, I think he'd guilted me by association with [livejournal.com profile] thaadd and was more than a little rude to me the last time we spoke. Well, w/e; we all make mistakes and I certainly bear him no ill will for it. Quite the contrary - I hope he gets better soon and coninues to do awesome things at Convergence for many years.

Tonight P and I go forth to MicroCenter in Vienna to buy RAM (her) and a trackball (me) and possibly even a hard drive with which to upgrade Cowzilla. The actual upgrade will happen at a time & place TBD; right now we're just getting the materials together. Mail call, prescription refills, a late dinner and natter will probably ensue as well.
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So, yeah, programming handoff meeting. [livejournal.com profile] petsnakereggie and [livejournal.com profile] thaadd were already there when I got there, [livejournal.com profile] romeoa was pulling up as I walked in the door, and [livejournal.com profile] mattmn arrived shortly thereafter. It was pretty productive; sounds like the incoming co-heads have a Foolproof Plan in mind to handle the additional load of 30 guests and an extra day's worth of panels, and I hope it works. A lot of the discussion revolved around things brought up in my post-mortem notes and concerns [livejournal.com profile] thaadd and I had about the local pros and panelist comp rules. I think they'll be okay.

After that I picked up [livejournal.com profile] jamestrainor, who helped me clear several more boxes of stuff out of the apartment, including the badly-missed tote with my antibacterial soap, DVDs, and miscellaneous paperwork. We then went to the Thunderbird, lolled around in the outdoor pool (first time either of us had been in it) and then went grocery shopping. The big storm everyone had been expecting since 1600 finally rolled in, making the trip back to his place a lot more exciting than it usually is, what with flooded intersections, power outages, and other such fun. My eyes still ache from all the lightning, and I'm damn glad to have made it back to the hotel without flooding the poor Sportage's engine. Definitely sleeping in tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll clear out a few more things from the apartment and then quit the place until it's time for me to pay the long-delayed August rent and hand back the keys, which will happen about 2 minutes after I find my distribution check in the mailbox. They can either take my personal check or eat my shorts.

Oh yeah - anyone want a frozen turkey?
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Everyone's been posting about the I-35W bridge collapse, and I don't have a lot to add except to say that I'm not dead or in the hospital. Would have been nicer if I hadn't had to drive up to Nordeast in the first place, since [livejournal.com profile] thaadd was an hour late and [livejournal.com profile] mattmn was a no-show, but at least [livejournal.com profile] thaadd and I got some quality geeking time out of it. :)

I need to take my last Keflex of the day and a couple of Tylenol and go crash. My last appointment with my podiatrist is tomorrow morning at 0800. God damn. What the hell was I thinking when I set that up?
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Wow, almost no time for internet spaceships at all this weekend. :)

Spent most of my time yesterday at the Convergence post-mortem, which actually went better than I thought it would. This is a process I think AD could stand to adopt, since feedback sheets and the public post-mortem panel alone are not enough to give us a feel for how we're doing from year to year. After the post-mortem and breakout sessions were done it was 1800 and pointless to go home before the volunteer party started at 1900, so I went over to BK and grabbed some burgers and rings. There was still time to kill after I walked back to the hotel, so I talked to Bridget (who runs parties for CVG) in the Garden Court. [livejournal.com profile] qob, [livejournal.com profile] tjstriker, Don, and one of the Detour folks who spent most of his CVG as a wandering host dropped by, so we had a nice little conversation before things got rolling in 214 and we all headed upstairs.

More conversation and munchies ensued, continuing until 0100 when [livejournal.com profile] windelina finally kicked the handful of us still watching Soylent Blue out. Which was a lot longer than I meant to stay, but [livejournal.com profile] michaellee and [livejournal.com profile] geekboyonlineand [livejournal.com profile] kurai_tsuki and [livejournal.com profile] cajones and lots of other folks were there, and it was all good.

So between that and finishing Drake's Counting The Cost, I didn't get to bed until 0300, which is why I didn't get over to [livejournal.com profile] redmartel's for gaming until noonish. We played about a third of the way through White Eagle Eastward before I used my hideous advantage in political points to end things with a Polish win. Wargame and convention geeking followed until I left at 1900 to pick up [livejournal.com profile] jamestrainor for the weekly swimming. We didn't stay in the water long on account of not getting into the too cool water until 2000, and since all the Chinese places were closed we wound up eating at Little Caesar's down on Lake Street. It's where the Trieu Chau restaurant used to be, and I have to say Little Caesar's has changed a lot since I was an assistant manager for them back in the early 1990s. No Deliverators or Abkhazian managers, but they've radically stripped down the menu so that you can now get a decent large pizza for $5 in about 30 seconds. Pretty impressive. Pan pizza is still square and yummy but is now cut like a normal pizza, and the soda available (only in bottles) is Pepsi. :(

Home to change skills, giev post, take meds and head for bed. I'll probably get stuck doing balancing tomorrow fuck the EBN oh wait I did already.
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I am reminded by [livejournal.com profile] sqotty's Convergence report that this past Saturday would have been Heinlein's 100th birthday, and that I was right to skip the panel in Krushenko's. My gut feeling that [livejournal.com profile] barondave as a late addition to the panel was a bad idea was confirmed. :3
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And now a few words about Convergence...
This won't take long )

There was enough work to keep me busy most of the day, even though I felt pretty apathetic about doing it.
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Synchronicity is one of the things that makes me believe that
1) there is a God, and
2) He occasionally enjoys a sick sense of humor.
Case in point: the BGM for this post.
Where's a dead dog party when you need one? )
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Spent most of the afternoon sorting out P's books and selling the stuff she didn't want to keep, which reduced the number of boxes in the Sportage to four from seven. This meant that laundry and packing got pushed back to tonight, after a brief stop at the hotel to pick up my badge, get updated on more things that have gone awry for Programming, and discover that I couldn't check in to the hotel quite yet. :(

Well, time to get the laundry done, pack, pick up the things at Wal-Mart we need for programming, and get over to the hotel. Probably no posting this weekend since the Sheraton doesn't have free wi-fi and I'm damned if I'll pay them for it. See y'all at Convergence or on Monday.
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I took Thursday, Friday and next Monday off for Convergence, though I won't actually be at the hotel until 3 or 4 PM Thursday. The rest of Thursday will be spent packing, getting my hair cut, doing laundry, and getting a copy of my transcript from St. Mary's so I can scan it and upload it to teachers-teachers.com along with my Metro State transcript when that comes in (probably sometime next week). I really shouldn't have put it off this long and hope it doesn't screw me out of any jobs.

I don't have any plans for the Fourth. On the other hand, I do have three pounds of bratwurst (three different species, not one 3-pound box) in the fridge and a 12-pack of Diet Rite left over from Claycon, so I may just go out behind the apartment, fire up one of the grills, and burn me some pork tubes. Folks are welcome to join me, and if you have something going on that me and my bratwurst would be welcome at, well, that'd be cool too.

I read this Jonah Goldberg column and it got the gears going in my head. I'm not done thinking about it quite yet. It fits in with some things I'd been thinking about for a while regarding American cultural identity and some things I've been reading in Paul Johnson's A History of the American People. Maybe I'll post something tomorrow. (Instapundit)

The mix CD I burned of dance/electronica tunes didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, mainly because the Salubrious Invertebrae CD is a bit damaged, but also because the different styles of music (Apollo 440, Crystal Method, EBN, Add N to (X), and Salubrious Invertebrae) don't mesh as well as I thought they might, so there's some jarring transitions. It seems to do best when I set the CD drive to "random".

i r moron

Jun. 12th, 2007 07:23 pm
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What good is having a $300 PDA if you can't even use the damn thing to keep your schedule straight? For some damn reason I got it stuck in my head that the programming meeting was tonight. It's actually tomorrow night. Just like it says on my TX. *bangs head on table*

Well, at least I won't have any problem getting the laundry and the kitchen cleanup done.
*packs up laptop and heads home*


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