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This is going to be a collection of quick hits, because I really ought to be working an accounting & management stuff and not this, but right now...I want a few minutes' distraction from the treadmill.
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Yesterday was a scrambled mess of a day, and I barely got my daily linkagery for The Other McCain done before retiring to bed for the night.
So once again, I'm playing catch-up here; as a consolation prize, feast your eyes on this rare example of AWESOME COSPLAY found by [livejournal.com profile] psiten
at Katsucon this past weekend! (Second pic in post.)

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Well, I did my bit for fandom by picking up [livejournal.com profile] onsenmark at the bus station, putting him up overnight in the burrow, and running him over to Katsucon this morning before work. Between that and sundry other domestic & foreign activities yesterday, I completely forgot to maek posts here on LJ, so I guess I'll try and get caught up...

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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] deathquaker.
Bold what's true, italicize what's sorta true, and leave plain what is not true. I have added my usual supplemental comments, because those are half the fun.

I am 5'4" or shorter.
I think I'm ugly.
I have many scars. (Most of them are pretty small, but I do have a couple of doozies.)
I tan easily.
I wish my hair was a different color.
I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
I have a tattoo.
I am self-conscious about my appearance.
I've had braces.
I own glasses.
I'd get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free, scar-free.
I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger.
I have more than 2 piercings.
I have piercings in places besides my ears.
I have freckles.
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I last did this back in 2006, and it struck me the other day that it could use some updating.

Was kind of tempted to fold Jo's fannish meme into this, but to be honest, I haven't been very fannish this year. Due to inertia, baseball, distractions, and a general lack of money (mostly the latter) I haven't been watching any of the hot new shows or the old ones, for that matter, and that goes double for anime. Poverty has also kept me from doing much with EVE, which really annoys me. Perhaps worst of all, I've gotten way behind again in keeping up with Stipple-APA. Well, there'll be time for all that after the CPA is done. For now, on with the memeage!
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] darksumomo - better late than never. :)
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I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Kind of odd to see this evaluation applied to Shojo Kakumei Ukyo, but there you are.
Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] darksumomo.
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Readers by Author « Lauren Leto:
Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Author

(by the way – I respect every author on here, kind of)

Yeah, suuuuuuure*.
Deprecated for a nearly complete lack of SF authors and an excess of trendy mainstream authors that nobody reads except intellectualoids, lit majors, and people who desperately want to be thought of as cool.

*This sarcastic reply from Jim Bouton's Ball Four doesn't get nearly enough love.
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] darksumomo
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] deathquaker
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Ganked from Pandora Wilde on Facebook

Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!! (Interesting theory. -W) At the end, choose 10 people (or more or less) to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. (I'm not tagging anyone, but I am curious about [livejournal.com profile] brian_edminster's answers. -W)

Crossposted from Facebook; this version has some informative links and extra comments.
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] deathquaker.
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I pushed [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin in the mud (-17 points). Last Wednesday I ruled Asscrackistan as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). In April I helped [livejournal.com profile] zippychik across the street (6 points). Last Sunday I helped [livejournal.com profile] sgtmadmike see the light (8 points). Last Saturday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [livejournal.com profile] bam2 (-5000 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5703 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] deathquaker, who has talked me into taking a look at Suikoden.
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How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls?

Created by Oatmeal

Ganked from POWIP

There's been a lot of good stuff coming off Oatmeal lately. Wonder who the writers are?
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] edwarddain. The first sentence from the first open or F-locked post of each month.

JANUARY: January started out with the death of George MacDonald Fraser and a move into the Burrow that was more like really uncomfortable camping out.
FEBRUARY: Stayed up late finishing Bernard Cornwell's The Archer's Tale, which like so many of this other novels blends a good fictional tale in with a cracking good retelling of a historical campaign, in this case King Edward's invasion of France that culminated in the battle of Crecy.
MARCH: Spent most of the day yesterday assisting P as a taxi driver in return for laundry privileges and Chinese; the rest sleeping or playing internet spaceships.
APRIL: God damn, but I am tired...Tammy showed up today at the Day Job, but I advised Bob to send her home after a couple of hours because she was really too sick to be there.
MAY: This is very weird.
JUNE: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar who spent part of her weekend lighting the flame of creativity in others.
JULY: Spent a couple of hours this morning going through Craigslist, Jobfox and some other job search sites, which put me in a bit of a depressed state.
AUGUST: Out driving with P after dinner last night and when we stopped at Sheetz I found there was apparently no oil in the engine (dry dipstick).
SEPTEMBER: [livejournal.com profile] gohanvox posted a link on Facebook to this article from ANN about ADV closing down after transferring its assets and intellectual property to several other companies.
OCTOBER: Elsewhere, the Nats edged the Braves and the Twins whaled on the Tigers 8-3.
NOVEMBER: Dutch was kind enough to invite me over to chez Dunham last night so we could watch Game #3 of the World Series on their rather impressive flat screen TV.
DECEMBER: I slept in more than I intended today, but was there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when EVE fired up again around 1500.
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Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile" and I will respond by asking you five questions that satisfy my curiosity. Update your journal with the answers to the questions, including this in the post.

1. What do you think of the state of fandom today -- not just in anime, but all-around?
I think anime fandom may be the only part of fandom that's still growing. TV/media fandom seems to be the same people constantly rushing from one series to the next, and less of it seems to be SF/fantasy-oriented. SF fandom is getting older and crankier and doesn't seem to be able to get enough young folks in the doors to renew itself

2. It's been all about reboots the past couple of years -- see BSG, V, and the new Star Trek film for prime examples of how reboots WORK. What old sci-fi franchise(s) could use the same treatment?
It's been long enough that Space: Above and Beyond could use a reboot. That show had a lot of unrealized potential.

3. What do you watch when you just want to shut the ol' noggin down? -- what do you watch when you want to just see some dumb fun?
4chan and YouTube, definitely. *nodsnods* I don't watch TV very much any more, so that's my closest substitute.

4. You've worked at cons as staff in previous years. Overall, what did you take away from the experience?
It was the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on and the most misery I've ever endured aside from my divorce. Being senior staff (department head/chairman) is an enormous time sink if you do it right but at the same time it's really a major ego boost when people tell you what a great time they had and how they already signed up for next year. You make new friends, and find out quickly what they're worth. I could go on like this for pages...

5. DCAU, or the traditional DC Universe?
Neither. Make Mine Marvel! ;)
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Icon meme from [livejournal.com profile] revolutionaryjo:


01; Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.

02; Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!
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Ganked from Mitch.
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Can you name 20 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 20 people,
and be sure to tag the person who tagged you after completing it yourself.
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