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Since I've decided to stay up and make a feeble attempt at getting back on some kind of a regular schedule, I thought I should probably post something to the journals for the benefit of anyone still reading this...
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Except not really; I didn't sleep well last night or for very long, and as a result I just flat ran out of energy and crashed late in the morning after the caffeine from the morning dose of Atomic Joe and Morning Thunder wore off. Wound up sleeping until 1630, so just barely got the rent check in on time. Needless to say, there was no trip to NoVa for the first Inetrmediate Accounting II test. *shrug* It'll give me something to look forward to come Monday.

Haha, wrong again. Thought Agatha H. and the Airship City was a compilation of the webcomics by Phil & Kaja Foglio, but instead it's something I've never seen before: a NOVELIZATION of the first three volumes of the Girl Genius webcomic. Now, maybe it's just because it's been about ten years since I started following the webcomic and my memeory ain't what it used to be, but I'd swear there's stuff in the novelization that wasn't in the comics. Or maybe I just didn't notice it. Or maybe I was stunned at the lack of pictures. Guesses for grabs, man. Anyway, it was very good, and it is Highly Recommended.

Tomorrow I'll be driving out to RS & Kimbie's new place and helping them paint. The exercise will do me good, and will kill off a few obs besides.
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So I got a decent night's sleep before waking up, showering, and grabbing coffee before heading up to Baltimore again, this time to meet up with Mark & DQ for the annual breakfast at Otakon. For the second year in a row, only Mark was actually attending Otakon, although next year DQ and I may be showing up for the convention along with a couple of other alt.fan.utena vets. Breakfast was of course at the Blue Moon, as has been our habit for these last three years, but if those other folks show up, we may be finding some other venue that is a tad more roomy and doesn't make us wait quite so long for our coffee & eggage. I objected to this move on the grounds of Tradition but was outnumbered. :(

After breakfast, DQ took Mark back to the convention and I headed out of town, looking for someplace to hang out for a few hours before visiting my friend O and her older sister, who were expecting me around 1300. We got caught up on stuff and I wound up leaving around 1700, refueling the truck in Beltsville and myself in Greenbelt before heading home. I'll be heading to bed soon; I have the Rule 5 post to do at Stacy's tomorrow, and I also want to get some studying done before heading off to retrieve Mark and take him back to Virginia Beach. Hopefully that won't be affected by another hideous tie-up at the 301 bridge like the one that hosed us on the way up.
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Well, it was sorta fun, but I have to scream now...or get more sleep. Or something. I think.
Followed through on a commitment made to my buddy Mark to drive him up to Otakon yesterday, which would be no big deal if it weren't for the fact that he lives in the faraway, exotic land of Virginia Beach. I had just enough gas to get down there; he filled my tank at the local Wawa* and we took off for Baltimore. I'd decided to take 301 instead of I-95 north, since it was more direct, and this would have been a good idea if somebody hadn't had their car burst into flames on the bridge across the Potomac. So what should have been a three or four-hour drive (including periodic stops for hydration/excretion) wound up taking seven, to say nothing of the drive back to Alexandria from Baltimore, which went a lot quicker than it normally seems to.

Going to mostly stay inside today and (hopefully) get caught up on the studying I wasn't doing yesterday. May go swimming. Will definitely go out to check the fluid level in the Toaster's radiator, as it was not happy having to idle in traffic yesterday at all. :(

Any roads, since I've finished my Friday linkagery duties, I think I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours and try this waking up thing again after I've had a little more sleep. After spending twelve hours on the road yesterday, six hours of sleep is just not enough.

*Wawa is pretty much the same thing as Sheetz except they have a different funny name, different but slightly overlapping territory, and no loyalty program.
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[livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar, who recently wrapped up the most excellent "Spots The Space Marine" web serial here on LJ, recently made a trip to Readercon and posted about it here.

I'm glad she did well there, but I completely sympathize with her decision not to go back for a while - if ever. The knee-jerk political and anti-religious attitudes on display there aren't unique to Readercon by any stretch of the imagination, and to say it sticks in my craw is a massive understatement. The inability of these people to see that they're engaged in a massive case of projection is truly astounding, and says volumes about how compassionate and sensitive they really are. As I put it some years ago at one of the last Convergence cons I went to before moving down here, "Look, I'm not here to discuss politics. I'm here to discuss SF & fantasy. You want to talk to me about politics, do it somewhere else because I'm not going to do it here." Still, the ugly fact is that most SF fans seem to assume that you, too, are politically liberal and atheist, and that political conservatives/religious people are suitable figures for derision. Which we don't appreciate, surprisingly enough.

Related: I don't pimp Liberty SF nearly enough and should probably put it in my blogroll here at the LJ.
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Had a moderately frustrating (and thankfully brief) discussion with a friend this weekend about the whole debt limit thing. He didn't get the hardline insistence by the Democrats on not cutting spending, and really didn't get the GOP's stubborn refusal to even consider raising taxes. At all. He seemed convinced that at some point Boehner was going to cut a deal, and was troubled by my insistence that if that happened, his head would be on a spike in less than a day.
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So I'm looking at all the stuff that's going on next week, what with P coming back to town, the projected hegira to Newport News and thence to Otakon with [livejournal.com profile] onsenmark, and whatever the heck is going to happen over the 4th of July*. P will be arriving in town on Monday; not sure when she's shipping out to Minneapolis for Convergence, but I would assume Thursday since that's when the new five-day version kicks off.

Piled onto this will be a flurry of bill-paying and shopping in mid-week, since (hopefully) I'll have my unemployment payments resuming on the 29th followed by the big check from the Alexandria City Public Schools the next day. Most of that will go for rent, of course, phone payments and other utilities, but there will be a little extra cash to do fun stuff (like a.f.u. no Breakfast) which is all I really need to keep my head away from the Slough of Despond.

One of my friends hasn't been so fortunate. It's been a tough stretch for her lately, what with ongoing physical and emotional problems even before her pet died, and I'm going to make the effort to reach out and at least say hi; since she lives on the other end of DC, I don't know that I'll actually be able to stop by in person, but on the other hand, it looks like I'm going to be driving up to Baltimore a couple times next week, so stopping off in between isn't completely out of the question.

I've started A Feast For Crows and am already wishing I'd waited to read A Storm Of Swords first; there's been quite a few references to things that have happened in the South, which is the half of Martin's original third book covered in the latter. As for Gormenghast...wow. It's certainly living up to its dual forewords by Anthony Burgess and Quentin Crisp who bang on for about a dozen pages in toto about how unique Peake's work is. I don't think I've read anything quite like this before. Not even Lovecraft comes close to the sheer weight of descriptive prose used on the COMPLETELY FUCKING BATSHIT inhabitants of this here castle. I'm going to keep plugging on; it makes good reading while I'm playing Farmville In Space and trying not to get ganked by random assholes wandering through Goonswarm space.
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*Hint: Not Otakon.
**This is usually me, every other month or so. A Badger A Day In DKUK, Hey!
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It occurred to me today that most of the people Facebook is recommending I friend fall into one of two categories: people in Minnesota I'm unlikely to see even if I go back to Convergence one of these days, and former high school classmates I haven't seen in thirty-plus years. Okay, there's also a pile of voice actors recommended to me because I know people at Detour who know them, either on staff or in the industry.

But I don't really know any of these people, you know? Not in the sense that they're really friends; most of them are people I met once or twice, might have worked with at one convention or another, but I haven't heard from them since I left the Great American Desert and moved down here. So I don't feel any great urge to reconnect with them, because that would imply that there was some sort of connection before Facebook, and there really wasn't. If there was, I would have gone ahead and clicked the box by now. Or they would have clicked on their box and asked me if I wanted to friend them back. Either way, I don't have any illusions about really being part of these peoples' lives.

Since I'm not interested in accumulating a pile of "friends" I don't really know and don't have that much to do with (even online), I try to be careful and not "friend" people I don't actually know in real life. Most people are pretty cool with that, and those that aren't, well, too bad. I'm basically treating Facebook the same way I do LJ: it's there for my convenience, not that of random strangers, and part of that is not adding people I don't know, with very, very few exceptions. I know there's people out there who just hoover up all kinds of acquaintances, friends of friends, and people they met once at a party or maybe it was a bar but they were kinda wasted at the time so...anyway. I don't understand those people, and have no great urge to be one of them.
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This was one of those weekends which reminded me how lucky I am to have such a wide range of friends and also prodded me out of my near-agoraphobic basement-dwelling existence, both of which are Good Things. I mean, I get along well with all kinds of people, including people you'd think would be slowly backing away from me and making warding gestures as they did so, and every so often I get to go out and hang with a bunch of people who apparently have next to nothing in common with me. Yet, it somehow winds up being a good time.

Saturday wasn't like that; I went up to Reston to hang out with my old friend Mark, watch movies (about which more later) burn steaks, and talk about stuff. We wound up seeing several classic movies: Night of the Hunter (downright WEIRD), the original Cat People (AWESOME), and Curse of the Cat People, which latter was bitterly disappointing since it has all the elements for a bloody revenge filled sequel to the first movie, but instead wound up being this sappy and only occasionally creepy movie about a little girl's invisible friend who JUST HAPPENS to be the ghost of Daddy's ex-wife. You know, the one who used to turn into a panther and stalk Mommy in order to claw her to ribbons? But the ghostly invisible friend doesn't do that, so unlike the original it is Not Recommended. We also watched episodes 4&5 of Game of Thrones, which is just getting more hardcore and awesome as it progresses. So much treachery and brutal awesomeness. I am definitely going to have to drop by the library and pick up the original books now, because I'm positive there's a lot of additional stuff I'm missing.

Now Sunday was interesting. Old classmate Tish Hall, who when last seen was going into the bread-baking business in a big way, was throwing a fundraiser for her daughter Sara, who is having legal difficulties that I can't go into here, and so I got into the Toaster and motored forth into the trackless wastes of Northwest Washington. It was good to see Tish again; the interesting thing is that while we agree on very little when it comes to religion and politics, we nonetheless get along extremely well. It was also good to see her husband Gavin and their boys again, meet her daughter Sara (who has great taste in music) and Tish's sister Celeste, and hang out with a bunch of Sara's friends. There was too much good food, and I'm afraid I ate too much of it, but the conversation was good and I stayed maybe longer than I should have, considering that I needed to take care of things online.

The next two days are going to be pretty quiet around here; I'll be laying low until I get my unemployment on Wednesday, at which time I'll be shelling out money for my Intermediate Accounting text and starting the clock on that course. Further down the timeline, won't be going to Balticon but a trip up to [livejournal.com profile] brian_edminster's place is a distinct possibility.
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...a couple of things of interest from around the Intertubes.

Jersey Shore Gone Wilde. (GVDL)

Vietnam: Historians At War. Truth will out, no matter how diligently liars try to hide it. (Maggie's Farm)

The results of the Auditing final were posted; got an 89 and a C for the class. Better than a poke in the eye, etc.

Hung out with Mark T. yesterday; he insisted on showing me the first three episodes of the HBO series A Game Of Thrones, based on the George R. R. Martin series of the same name. Man, I haven't seen a show with so many characters I wanted to see die in a fire in ages. Awful, awful people. Dire wolf puppies v. cute though, especially when they grow up to be v. protective critters. All the Byzantine political maneuvering reminds me of the more unpleasant parts of Drake & Stirling's Raj Whitehall novels; Westeros in general gives off a strong vibe of 13th century England with a heavy injection of the Eastern Roman Empire where it needed it the least, but that's the way it is. I may have to read the books, once they're all out.

Took some time this afternoon to head down to the VEC office and see what happened with my unemployment, and it's a good thing I did. Will go back tomorrow to resubmit my job apps for the last two weeks and hopefully will get paid Thursday. We'll see how it goes.
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I haven't been posting much because I haven't really had much to say. I've been working in the tax mines, studying, going to class, and getting other stuff done. Sometimes I get out to do other stuff.

I spent yesterday evening after Saturday's shift in the tax mines hanging out with Mark Taylor and two of the three Hammer brothers playing History of the World, an Axis and Allies-type game with a lot of plastic pieces, cards, and a pretty laffo map of the world. It was okay fun; not my kind of game, really, but fun enough to kill an evening with while pursuing the main objective: ensuring that Ted did not win. ;)

The game, Chinese delivery dinner, and a post-game run to Sheetz for gas, coffee and breakfast-like object kept me up until damn near 3 AM. I guess it's a good thing P couldn't get in touch with [livejournal.com profile] cipherpunk regarding breakfast and shooting, otherwise I'd be more tired than I already am.

Despite the attempts of last night's beef & broccoli to kill me -no, I didn't have the rice, but my post-meal BG still shot up to 116- I woke up this morning with a 72 reading and a loss of 1.4 pounds. I expect to lose the remaining 1.4 pounds by March 1 at the latest, and continue the long march to 300. All this weight loss is doing me good on the clothing front as well; I was quite gratified to see that the 3XL Dickies shirts I bought the other night at Walmart fit me comfortably. Soon, I reckon, I'll be able to buy pants there as well. And that will be a Good Thing.
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I set off a bit of a kerfluffle the other night at the PRSFS meeting by opining that most "classics" aren't worth the time wasted on reading them, and trotted out Trollope, Hemingway and Stendhal as examples. Apparently I'm not the only guy that feels that way. Correia also has an amusing post in which he fisks an e-mail from an annoyed leftist. Hooray for HATE MAIL! indeed.

Yesterday was a pretty slow day in the tax mines. I followed it with some opportunistic bargain-hunting at Harris Teeter, where I picked up a couple of 12-packs of Coke product for $1.88 apiece, then headed out to Mark Taylor's place for steak & conversation, both of which were good. I found myself playing courier for Mark, conveying a couple bottles of homebrew mead to P, who I met for a snack of wings after parting company with Mark. P and I made desultory conversation while paying minimal attention to the ass-whipping the Packers were issuing to the Falcons; we exchanged mead for Butterkaese, and then she went off to work while I headed up the road to the Sterling Walmart, where I filled in some holes in the previous week's grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up a replacement bulb for the bedroom lamp and tea, so I had to go out for those today, but I did address the heavy cream and pork rind shortages. :)

Back to work on Marketing and Business Administration.
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This morning I attended the first of eight Skills to Win classes I need to take for H&R Block between now and New Year's Eve. This one was taught by the district manager, and was really more of a briefing on what Block expects all of us to be doing throughout the tax season. They're continuing to emphasize customer care this year, as well as the usual tax professional training; lot of emphasis on working as a team, too. The good news is that I'm being paid for the training; the bad news is that because my original offer letter doesn't make me active until the 27th, I probably won't be paid until after that, and I'm not sure whether they're going to pay me my CSP wage or something else.

Spent the afternoon studying for the Cost Accounting final tonight, which I'll be leaving for in a few minutes. I think I'll do okay. All I need is a 65 to pass the class, and I think I'll do better than that.

Tomorrow is Richard's funeral.

Sunday I'll be taking the Tax Knowledge Assessment online after some intensive grinding on filing statuses, dependent rules, and the EIC.

That'll pretty much take up the weekend.

UPDATE: Well, what the hell? Arrived at the school, met two other students who were also there to take the final - and neither the teacher nor the other students we knew were planning on doing the test showed up. I guess it's nice to have the extra study time, but having this happen on zero notice is...really annoying.
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[livejournal.com profile] cipherpunk's horrible experience with Verizon is another reason I'm never having anything to do with Verizon if I can possibly help it - to the point where if the only phone option for a house/condo I'm looking at in a few years is Verizon, then I'm not going to move there. Screw that company, seriously. Sprint 4 lyfe.
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Got my offer letter from H&R Block today in the e-mail. It's not too clear on what I'm going to be doing at Foxchase next year, perhaps because I haven't passed the final exam in tax class yet, but it is clear that I'm getting a $0.30/hr raise over last year's hourly wage, and that is Good. No doubt the precise nature and timing of my duties will be determined by el Rey when the office formally opens in January, to say nothing of exactly what I'll be paid as a rookie Tax Associate. Apparently there's some talk about the rookies being on a straight hourly wage until they prove themselves, at which point they go on a lower wage plus commission, but I can wait to find out. Either way, it's all experience, and this is Good as well.

Mailman brought drugs from the VA and the new Sheetz Discover card, which I promptly activated although I probably won't be getting out to the ass-end of Fairfax/Loudoun County or Frederick where the Sheetzes are until...well, who knows. I want to be spending less time on the road and more time trying to wrap up all these classes I'm still way behind in, but we'll see what happens. Today, for example, I needed to get together with [livejournal.com profile] digex to settle some bidness, but P invited me to lunch at Malibu in Falls Church and wound up driving me out to Laurel. One thing led to another, pix were taken, music was sampled (but not mixed) and pretty soon it was time for P to go crash. I wound up taking MARC from Laurel to Union Station and Metro to the Pentagon (change at Gallery Place), from which I rode the express bus back to Foxchase, arriving around 1900. Not much studying got done. :(

So...time to get the nightly linkagery done and toddle off to bed, for tomorrow is the tax class and Intermediate Accounting.
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I spent most of the day inside dealing with a cold, which has returned to plague me after one day wherein it appeared to be done with me and then crept back to bedevil me in the evening. That was the day of the wake, of course; the wake went very well with a large turnout, many stories about the dearly departed [livejournal.com profile] therevdrnye, and a quite remarkable picture of him in a suit, which looked most unnatural since a) he was wearing a suit and b) his hair and beard were relatively short and well-trimmed. Anyway, it was a good wake. There are extremely tentative plans to do another at Balticon for the benefit of people who couldn't make it to Friday's wake, which after all was called on short notice and during the Hanuramakwanzmas season to boot. We'll see what happens.

Aside from fighting a cold, I went out to pay rent, rebuild the essential pork rind stockpile, and get a little exposure to the Great Fusion Bomb In The Sky, which exposure is alleged to be good for one's health. Sauce for the goose, and all that.

Speaking of health, I started December at 357.6 pounds, down about a pound and a half from November's start. Only eight pounds from my goal of 350, and most of three months to do it. I reckon I can whup it. :)

The afternoon was partially taken up with making Heroin Thighs, since I messed up and got thighs instead of breasts when I went out looking for wings a while back. Don't ask. Anyway, I messed around with the recipe a little bit, adding eggs to the butter because I didn't think 1/2 cup melted butter was going to be enough for four pounds of thighs. Also added garlic because the coating was vaguely Italian (Parmesan cheese, parsley, oregano) and substituted chili powder for the salt and pepper. It turned out okay, I guess; not the awesome can't stop eating this results others claimed, but it sure beat plain baked chicken. Also cooked a couple pounds of cauliflower, added butter and garlic, and mashed the crap out of it. Also yummy.

So of course after I finish this, P summons me forth to wings. I only had one basket since I was pretty full from dinner, and wanted the wings mainly for the therapeutic value of spicy Caribbean sauce. Wings delivered.

This post at Power Line reminded me of this song: Fallin' In Love by the Souther-Hillman-Furay band, which got a few minutes of airplay back in '74. It's held up pretty well, and I was glad to find it again; also glad to be warned that Chris Hillman had gone back to his bluegrass roots. I like me some country; bluegrass, not so much.
(Cf. my quip to [livejournal.com profile] stuckintraffik that bluegrass was what NPR listeners called country music so they wouldn't be embarrassed by association with rednecks.)
Anyway, it's a nice song which captured a mood for me back then, and you might like it too, for the same reasons.

Now I'm going to take a couple Nyquil and rack out. I got a long day of driving, Ukrainian prayer, and law readin' ahead of me tomorrow and I really ought to get a decent night's sleep.
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For those of you not already notified, [livejournal.com profile] therevdrnye died at 1353 this afternoon, literally seconds after P and I arrived at his hospital room and got all gowned & gloved.
That wasn't on the schedule. )
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Decided to call the Arlington district office instead of trying to find the place, and got an answer about the amount of class I've missed that took some weight off my mind. I need 72 to satisfy the attendance requirements, and between illness & the VA I'm only down to 76, so I'm okay there. All I have to do now is pass the final, which I'm pretty sure I can handle.

Spent the rest of the day digging out my e-mail inboxes, studying, printing coupons, studying, cleaning out the apartment, studying, and working my way down from the horrible 136 BG I woke up with. I still don't understand where that came from, but by the time dinner rolled around I was back down to double digits and stayed there afterward, so that's good. Have to remember that I can't just stuff myself full of food, even if it's all fats & proteins. Ketosis is great, but it doesn't just make mass vanish.

Downloaded emacs tonight, going to port it to Cowzilla before heading over to [livejournal.com profile] smitty1e's to work on the blog. Between that and a visit to Mark Taylor's to burn meat and hang out, that's pretty much going to take care of Saturday.

Pretty much decided that I'm going to be a no-show for Detour again in 2011. Considering that I am managing to get by only because of substantial help from friends, it would be rude and boorish to sky off to Minnesota and blow about a grand (between airfare and hotels) when I could and should be spending the money on more important things closer to home - like, say, rent and utilities. I know that's going to be a disappointment to my friends in Minnesota, but the situation is what it is. By 2012, things should be different, and I should be making decent $$$ again so I can afford to pull my own weight and spend excess money on going to conventions again. For now, though, conventions are entertainment for the bourgeoisie, and I don't even qualify for the proletariat at the moment. So it goes.
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Or maybe the reverse, I 'm not sure. Anyway...because I had somehow gotten it into my head that the 7th of November was yesterday and not today, I was very surprised to show up for Mass 45 minutes late and find a bunch of people standing around outside, traffic cones all over the place, and a table set up on the porch of the church. I asked one of the people standing around if there was a wedding or something going on, and he looked at me strangely and answered that no, the church was celebrating it's 30th anniversary today and there would be a reconsecration starting at 1 PM followed by a Mass and a celebratory banquet. "But I thought that was yesterday," I replied. He shook his head. "No, the seventh is very definitely today." So, well, that threw a monkey wrench into the day's plans. P and I were planning to head up to Baltimore to see [livejournal.com profile] therevdrnye and hopefully talk to him a little, and our plan had been to meet up in Laurel at 1330 or so, which would allow me to attend Mass and also require that we'd only have to take one truck up to the hospital. Having a consecration ceremony starting at 1300 would be Awkward.

Well, there was nothing for it but to hang out and wait for P's call, and meanwhile take lots of pictures of a procession of cute Ukrainian girls in traditional costumes, hunky Ukrainian guys (ditto), icons, gonfalons, and bringing up the rear, our pastor and the Metropolitan, both of whom were decked out in liturgical regalia that would have made Elvis slack-jawed with amazement. I'm not sure even the Pope has vestments this flashy. Makes me wish I'd brought a real camera, but then if I'd remembered to bring that...ah, never mind. P didn't call until after the Metropolitan had blessed the cornerstone, so I got to see that, at least. (Pics posted on Facebook because this totally happened.)

And so I motored over to Laurel, met up with P in the parking lot across the street from [livejournal.com profile] digex' office and Warehouse of Holding, and proceeded up 95 to Baltimore with her. We were somewhat surprised to find about a dozen of Richard's friends from gaming and other fandoms/businesses there along with his father; introductions were made, and redone shortly afterward when [livejournal.com profile] therevdrnye's hosts Tad and Carrie showed up. Eventually P and I went in to visit, along with his father, but unfortunately [livejournal.com profile] therevdrnye was unconscious. Not too surprising, given that they had been at him with tubes and hoses for a good part of the morning. I'd like to think he knew that we were there for him.

By then it was about 1500, and we escaped just in time to miss most of the traffic from the Ravens' game. Not early enough to stop by the fabulous Laurel Meat Market, though, which was disappointing; we wound up doing dinner at the Japanese Steak House off Route 1 instead, being very careful to inquire about sauces and to decline the rice. Very good food! Got home ~1900 and have been putzing around on the internet since.
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This is going to be 99.5% meaningless to most of my Anime Detour/Convergence peeps, and people
who didn't have much to do with Balticon.
But I want to get it out of the way now. )


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