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Thanks to [personal profile] neonvincent for the link to this awesome mashup of Texts From Last Night and the Best Anime Ever.


Aug. 3rd, 2011 11:02 am
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Anime Studio Pro 8

How long has software like this been loose on the market?
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This was sparked by [livejournal.com profile] morenasangre' s post here, which probably says all the stuff I'm going to say a lot better...
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One of the nice things about the advances in technology that helped usher in the new wave of anime fandom was the advent of cheaper, more capable desktops and editing software. That enabled things like this anime music video to be made without an ungodly expensive Silicon Graphics workstation. And that, as they say, is a Good Thing.

Reposted from [livejournal.com profile] roselinedcoffin.
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This is going to be a collection of quick hits, because I really ought to be working an accounting & management stuff and not this, but right now...I want a few minutes' distraction from the treadmill.
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Yesterday was a scrambled mess of a day, and I barely got my daily linkagery for The Other McCain done before retiring to bed for the night.
So once again, I'm playing catch-up here; as a consolation prize, feast your eyes on this rare example of AWESOME COSPLAY found by [livejournal.com profile] psiten
at Katsucon this past weekend! (Second pic in post.)

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Well, I did my bit for fandom by picking up [livejournal.com profile] onsenmark at the bus station, putting him up overnight in the burrow, and running him over to Katsucon this morning before work. Between that and sundry other domestic & foreign activities yesterday, I completely forgot to maek posts here on LJ, so I guess I'll try and get caught up...

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Well, I have some time to kill before I head off to Government & Non-Profit Accounting, so...
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] psiten; to see her post, go here.

I doubt I'll be able to keep this up for thirty days, what with everything else going on, but I'll do this first one, at least.

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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] darksumomo - better late than never. :)
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] psiten
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Carlos came over to help me shovel out the Toaster, and then we headed over to Los Toltecos for some quality Mexican with his SO Arlene. The service was slow, but the restaurant was really busy when we got there so I was willing to cut them slack on that account. Especially since the food was so good, to say nothing of the conversation.

Got home, started changing bandage on thigh when [livejournal.com profile] onsenmark called to update me on the Katsu plan. Looks like he'll be getting into DC around 0500; I suggested that he hop the Metro to Van Dorn and I'd get him across the river to National Harbor from there, possibly with breakfast in the middle someplace. I still dunno if I'm going to make more than a token appearance at Katsu, even though [livejournal.com profile] bam2 is going to be there along with Chris. While my leg isn't bleeding quite so much right now, I really ought to be horizontal as much as I can so the damn thing will finish healing sometime in the near future.

Never did get called for work today. Just as well in view of the leg...but I do need the $$$. Sigh.

Some guy P knows is supposed to be in town this weekend and she thinks I ought to meet him. We'll see what happens.

Finished reading the DAW edition of Jerry Pournelle's A Spaceship for the King. That would make a damn fine anime series, but where would they find the character designer who could match Kelly Freas' depiction of Iron Man MacKinnie?
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...but after I set up a new membership at Phade's joint and downloaded a couple of old favorites, I found about a dozen AMVs hiding in a corner of the Failbox's "My Documents" folder.

I feel better now. I feel better than James Brown. How do you feel?
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There's a thread in ADTRW going right now challenging goons to list their favorite anime released between 2000-2009, but I know a lot of the anime fans on my f-list aren't goons and I want to see what people think. Anime Detour peeps are not excused just because you people have no time to watch anime. ;)

Babbling about magical girls, ducks, slaughter and awesomeness behind the cut.
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Got some stuff done online today, but otherwise wasn't too productive. Legs have been hurting pretty much all day, and I hope this is an indication that they're doing some healing. I did notice less weeping from some areas on the right leg that had been doing so yesterday, so we'll see. Got an eye appointment tomorrow morning and then Thursday it's back to the vascular clinic. Speaking of which, the Profore bandages they didn't have at the pharmacy last week still haven't showed up, but they did send me 4000 gauze sponges and a couple rolls of 2" tape.

Nats got massacred by the Dodgers tonight 16-2, and my Dukes are doing only slightly better since Wakefield's return from the DL was less than epic.

Been reading a lot of old stuff out of the boxes recovered from the house, most recently A Spaceship for the King and Poul Anderson's Agent of the Terran Empire. There's another series of tales that would make an awesome anime series, but I don't expect to see it in my lifetime. Currently reading Sister Time by John Ringo.

Have to get up at 0600 to wring out my legs before heading off to the VA hospital downtown; since it's "payday" tomorrow and driving there in the Sportage through the AM rush would be MADNESS, I'm taking the Metro. So I probably won't get anything else done all day. :(
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So tonight I went downtown to the Japanese Embassy's Cultural Center to see Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone.
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So it was $8 in parking money well spent. I was worried that the tickets would run out before I got there, but strangely enough the auditorium was only 3/4 full, if that. I don't know what the deal is - the JICC is convenient to a couple of Metro stations, and it was free. Surely everyone couldn't have seen it at Otakon.

Tomorrow, my monthly diabetes checkup with Dr. B, possible book shifting at the old homestead, and hanging out with fellow Right Wing Death Beasts downtown when the evening rolls around.
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[livejournal.com profile] gohanvox posted a link on Facebook to this article from ANN about ADV closing down after transferring its assets and intellectual property to several other companies. The article is confusing. It doesn't say whether ADV is going into Chapter 7 or Chapter 11, or whether this is just a quiet going out of business with the creditors getting the useful parts of the company. I hope this doesn't hurt my VA friends' prospects any worse than they already are.
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The only reason it's not as bad as TV Tropes is that eventually the threads come to an end...For those non-goons in the audience, ADTRW is the anime section of the forums at somethingawful.com, and if you can't figure out what the acronym stands for, you clearly don't hate anime (or Japan) enough. Be that as it may, while some threads contain horrific stuff that would make even hardened /b/tards die inside, others have some really good, meaty discussions about series that are currently loose in America, to say nothing of anime and manga series that are available only through fansub or scanalation.

P donated an IDE floppy drive to me for the Failbox, and I really ought to spend some time this weekend working on that so I can get the stupid thing's firmware fixed. If that doesn't work, I guess I won't have much option but to just use it as it is until I can afford to get something better.

Also this weekend, I'm going to review a couple of history books before I take them back to the library, do laundry, and otherwise try not to spend money, which is something I've been doing way too much of lately.
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I can't do a better job summarizing this than Ace, so imma make with the cut & paste & blockquote:
Will Hollywood ever make a heroic movie about Iraq? Probably not.

But the Japanese have. Trouble is -- this being Japan -- it stars animated bunnies fighting terrorist cats.

Ladies and gentlemen of the f-list: Apocalypse Meow.
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Oddly enough, sound cards may be cheaper at Best Buy than Walmart. I might be able to get one for even less at one of the local Circuit City stores, but I can't price-check them on-line; all you get when you go to circuitcity.com is a notice posted about the chain closing in the US. As for the keyboard, there are some spares around here and I'm going to ask if I can borrow one until next week.

In the comments to [livejournal.com profile] michaellee's post here about Convergence, there's some discussion of the fallout from the HRMP Wars, which are directly responsible for the creation of Convergence and Marscon as well as the implosion of attendance at Minicon, which latter was the intended purpose of the HRMP.
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