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This was one of those weekends which reminded me how lucky I am to have such a wide range of friends and also prodded me out of my near-agoraphobic basement-dwelling existence, both of which are Good Things. I mean, I get along well with all kinds of people, including people you'd think would be slowly backing away from me and making warding gestures as they did so, and every so often I get to go out and hang with a bunch of people who apparently have next to nothing in common with me. Yet, it somehow winds up being a good time.

Saturday wasn't like that; I went up to Reston to hang out with my old friend Mark, watch movies (about which more later) burn steaks, and talk about stuff. We wound up seeing several classic movies: Night of the Hunter (downright WEIRD), the original Cat People (AWESOME), and Curse of the Cat People, which latter was bitterly disappointing since it has all the elements for a bloody revenge filled sequel to the first movie, but instead wound up being this sappy and only occasionally creepy movie about a little girl's invisible friend who JUST HAPPENS to be the ghost of Daddy's ex-wife. You know, the one who used to turn into a panther and stalk Mommy in order to claw her to ribbons? But the ghostly invisible friend doesn't do that, so unlike the original it is Not Recommended. We also watched episodes 4&5 of Game of Thrones, which is just getting more hardcore and awesome as it progresses. So much treachery and brutal awesomeness. I am definitely going to have to drop by the library and pick up the original books now, because I'm positive there's a lot of additional stuff I'm missing.

Now Sunday was interesting. Old classmate Tish Hall, who when last seen was going into the bread-baking business in a big way, was throwing a fundraiser for her daughter Sara, who is having legal difficulties that I can't go into here, and so I got into the Toaster and motored forth into the trackless wastes of Northwest Washington. It was good to see Tish again; the interesting thing is that while we agree on very little when it comes to religion and politics, we nonetheless get along extremely well. It was also good to see her husband Gavin and their boys again, meet her daughter Sara (who has great taste in music) and Tish's sister Celeste, and hang out with a bunch of Sara's friends. There was too much good food, and I'm afraid I ate too much of it, but the conversation was good and I stayed maybe longer than I should have, considering that I needed to take care of things online.

The next two days are going to be pretty quiet around here; I'll be laying low until I get my unemployment on Wednesday, at which time I'll be shelling out money for my Intermediate Accounting text and starting the clock on that course. Further down the timeline, won't be going to Balticon but a trip up to [livejournal.com profile] brian_edminster's place is a distinct possibility.
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...a couple of things of interest from around the Intertubes.

Jersey Shore Gone Wilde. (GVDL)

Vietnam: Historians At War. Truth will out, no matter how diligently liars try to hide it. (Maggie's Farm)

The results of the Auditing final were posted; got an 89 and a C for the class. Better than a poke in the eye, etc.

Hung out with Mark T. yesterday; he insisted on showing me the first three episodes of the HBO series A Game Of Thrones, based on the George R. R. Martin series of the same name. Man, I haven't seen a show with so many characters I wanted to see die in a fire in ages. Awful, awful people. Dire wolf puppies v. cute though, especially when they grow up to be v. protective critters. All the Byzantine political maneuvering reminds me of the more unpleasant parts of Drake & Stirling's Raj Whitehall novels; Westeros in general gives off a strong vibe of 13th century England with a heavy injection of the Eastern Roman Empire where it needed it the least, but that's the way it is. I may have to read the books, once they're all out.

Took some time this afternoon to head down to the VEC office and see what happened with my unemployment, and it's a good thing I did. Will go back tomorrow to resubmit my job apps for the last two weeks and hopefully will get paid Thursday. We'll see how it goes.
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Well, no jury duty today. I'll call back this afternoon to see if my group gets called in tomorrow. As much as I fancy the idea of serving on a jury, I hope they don't call tomorrow, since I'm supposed to be at the tax mines and I kinda need the money.

There's been an ad running on Fox News (the default TV channel in the tax mines) for Rosland Capital featuring G. Gordon Liddy and three cartoonish, pantomime constructs: a house, a bank, and a piggy bank. We have the TV muted, and the closed captioning is hilariously sporadic. so I have no idea what the G-man is saying, but it's pretty obvious that he's talking about the collapse in value of houses, failing banks, and inflation raping your savings. As he walks by the house, bank, and finally the piggy bank, he whacks the air valve on each, and they deflate, which is pretty amusing until he gets to the piggy bank. I have the same thought every time I see the ad: poor piggy.

Related, but more hilarious:
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Stacy McCain does the fish-in-a-barrel thing with Katie Couric, who seems to think that the cure for Americans' suspicion of radical Islam would be a Muslim version of The Cosby Show. Putting aside for the moment the fact that there just aren't any Muslim comics as funny and popular among the kufr as the Cos was among whites, I think la Couric is guilty of gross insensitivity and ignorance here. How can such a worldly, with-it talking head gal be unaware of that smash CBC hit Little Mosque On The Prairie? I mean, according to Wikipedia, Fox is looking at doing an American version.
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One of them, Joe Morgan, has been let go by ESPN after 25 years of doing Sunday Night Baseball and irritating the hell out of baseball fans everywhere. There's a good summary of what baseball fans in general thought of Morgan over at Joe Posnanski's blog; the tl;dr is that he was a great player, unquestionably a Hall of Fame second baseman, but a horrible, horrible announcer. I'm not even going to get into his obsession with Moneyball or his disdain for sabermetrics. I'm just going to let it go by saying I'm glad he's retiring so I don't have to listen to him any more.

The other one, who I am hoping Fox will terminate with extreme prejudice before the next post-season games roll around is Tim McCarver. I have loathed him since 1991; it is no exaggeration to say that he is an obnoxious, opinionated blowhard who cannot control his bias toward the National League, and I consistently hit the mute button when he is on, even if I have to watch the game in silence. God, he is such a jackass. The only person who comes close is Chip Caray, who recently became obsessed with players "fisting" the ball into short right or left field, to the point where TBS' Braves broadcasts quickly approached NSFW levels of double entendre. McCarver, like Morgan, was a great player in his day, but he's worse than mediocre in the broadcast booth. Compare this to Bob Uecker, who made quite a career out of self-deprecating humor that revolved around his marginal catching skills, and went on to become the beloved voice of the Milwaukee Brewers. Bob was recently in the hospital for heart surgery, and the outpouring of affection, not just from Brewers fans, was something to see. If McCarver went into the hospital, on the other hand, nurses would probably need armed escorts to fend off all the fans who would offer them bribes to smother him in his sleep. Probably the only fans who like him are Cardinals fans, and I daresay he probably gets on their nerves too.

Rob Dibble, on the other hand, I kinda miss, which probably makes me one of the few Nationals fans to say that. Rob flubbed a number of things in his time, most notoriously his criticism of Stephen Strasburg the day the kid threw out his arm for the season, but he was seldom boring, and he had a good foil in Bob Carpenter. His replacement is considerably less colorful, to the point where I can't remember his name. Ray Knight, maybe? (Why do all these ex-Reds players keep showing up here?) Anyway, he was bumrushed out of the booth shortly after that, and Nats games on MASN are going to be rather less interesting next season. We'll see how it goes.
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...and I know there are plenty of you out there!
You may want to jump on this deal from Amazon:
Black Adder Remastered: The Ultimate Edition

Today only. I'd do it myself, but I have some more urgent priorities at the moment...
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Is this not the most awesome thing to come out of India since Richard Sharpe?

Via Moe Lane and Ace.
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As for what's going on my life...besides being up way too late, that is.
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No more "Hitler in the bunker" YouTube videos for YOU!
Fair use? Parody exceptions to copyright? Never heard of them!

Leave it to conservative lesbian Cynthia Yockey to spot the true irony of this: "I seem to be the only blogger who noticed they did this ON HITLER’S BIRTHDAY!!!"

As if that weren't enough amusement, apparently the director of Downfall found the videos quite amusing, and many Americans no doubt echoed Rush Limbaugh, who said today "I never even heard of the movie until I saw one of the videos."
(The Other McCain)

UPDATE: I suppose it was inevitable...
Hitler doesn't like this! )
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This post by Instapundit reminded me of this ad that played last night during the Series:

The poem sounded familiar - not that I'd heard it before, but the way it was put together, the words and scansion and all...and when I looked up the words today, sure enough, it was Walt Whitman. Pretty good ad.

Oh, man...

Sep. 20th, 2009 10:12 pm
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Watched my second episode of Dollhouse, "Spy In The House of Love" tonight, and have decided I'm going to have to get the first season DVD. Mind you, I'm no diehard Joss Whedon fan, and I didn't have that much interest in La Femme Nikita when it was on the air, but something about this series really sets the hook in me, and it isn't just Eliza Dushku. Although Ms. Dushku is pretty damn awesome all by herself. (Inevitable question: So why haven't you seen Tru Calling yet? A: Shut up.)

Anyway, the most recent episodes and a first season recap are all online, and if you haven't watched them yet I highly recommend them. This is the first thing since House and the Nationals that's even remotely tempted me to plop myself down in front of a TV.
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There are these shows on TV which a number of my friends insist that I have to watch because the writing is SO AWESOME and the acting is RILLY COOL. Usually when this happens, I back away slowly, brandishing my plush chibi-Cthulhu and mumbling under my breath, because I have a gut feeling that the show in question is a piece of crap. Well...it's happening again. And once again my instincts are proved sound.

For the record, there are a number of things wildly popular in fandom that I don't like. One of them is Douglas Adams. Another is the Muppet Show. It is for these reasons, among others, that [livejournal.com profile] therevdrnye has often condemned me as a backslider and a heathen. All I can say in my defense is "You damn right."

(Baseball Crank)
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Brad Templeton, he say: "The worst ending in the history of on-screen SF." (David Thompson)

Some chick at Suicide Girls was even more blunt.

Taking a break from driving that one meme into the ground )
tl;dr, Ron Moore screwed the pooch and I saved myself a lot of time not watching a good series that ended really really badly.
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Number 6 allegedly dead at age of 80.
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After [livejournal.com profile] drunkenphlower posted that the third episode of Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog was back up, of course I went and watched it.
I think in some ways this hurt worse than the episode where Buffy's mother died.
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Didn't realize that Doctor Horrible was only going to be available for a limited time, and so missed Part III by not watching it yesterday. Meh. I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out anyway, and in the meantime I can cultivate patience.
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Went out to Fairfax last night and met up with P for dinner at Moby's, which I won't be doing again soon since two hours later my blood sugar was still over three hundred. Holy crap. I blame the rice. Six units of insulin and eleven hours of sleep later, blood sugar is down to tolerable levels (i.e. not requiring a fresh hole in my torso) but still not great.

So: make a deposit at Suntrust, pick up drugs at Kaiser, drop off books at library, throw out more garbage. And watch part III of Dr. Horrible after everything else, because it is SO COOL. Except for Wonder Woman, is there anything Joss Whedon does that isn't awesome?

Is it still TV if it's only on the internets?
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Spent most of the day watching vintage (TOS) Star Trek on G4, which was a good time except for the ads, which were pretty annoying - especially the ones for their upcoming Ninjafest and Horrorfest. Not watching either of those, thanks.

Got laundry done, got showered, and placed calls to the local Accountemps offices. Hopefully one of them will have something for me tomorrow, something with 40 hours a week and decent hourly pay. We'll see what happens.
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Reviews of House episodes by actual by-God doctors.
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I was doing a survey today for one of the companies that uses MyPoints and it occurred to me that despite having a fully functional TV in my room every night since leaving Minnesota, the only TV I've watched was this past weekend when there happened to be a couple of interesting things on the History Channel and Spike TV. Most of my down time on the road was spent sleeping, browsing the internets, or (occasionally) watching the Ai Yori Aoshi box set I picked up before leaving the Gopher State. Whether that was actually a more productive use of my time is an exercise left to the reader.

Tomorrow's pre-work to-do list includes getting a post office box out here in Chantilly and retrieving my boxes from UPS in Alexandria, assuming they haven't thrown them out already. I'm also going to pack lunch - Strayer isn't charging me for chow time, and eating lunch on the road before I get there can get messy and expensive.

I'm also changing my browsing habits...while I've been reading Megan McArdle since 2001, when she was blogging at Live from the WTC (later renamed Asymmetrical Information) I don't think I'll be keeping her blog at the Atlantic on my A-list of blogs I follow daily. For one thing, the Atlantic is paying her to blog about economics, and that's all she's doing. Which is boring*. For another, the commenters at the Atlantic are the worst sort of fever-swamp Democratic Underground moonbats, and I'm just not willing to voluntarily put up with that. Ms. McArdle will be cut to the quick, no doubt. [/sarcasm] Ironic that this should happen after I finally show up in Washington and have a non-zero chance of actually meeting the young lady.

Finally, if you've read Quartered Safe Out Here, any of the Flashman novels, or the monumentally awesome The Pyrates, you MUST read McAuslan Entire, which is the sequel to the first book and tells the tales of Dand McNeill after he gets his commission at the end of World War II and goes from Borderers in the jungles of Burma to the Highlanders in the Libyan desert. Originally published as three separate books (The General Danced at Dawn, McAuslan in the Rough and The Sheikh and the Dustbin) the book is full of win and hilarity. Unlike QSOH, it isn't a novel so much as a collection of stories, most of which revolve around the oddities of life in a Highland regiment and a fair number of which involve the "filthiest soldier in the Regiment," Private McAuslan, who more often than not saves the day in a manner nobody could have possibly seen coming. Really, you need to read this, and don't skip ahead to "The Constipation of O'Brien" or I'll banjo ye, I will.

*If you find economics more exciting than I do, by all means pop on over there, and take a gander at King Bananian's joint while you're at it.


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